Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If Only the Report Had Been 100% True...

If only the report back in February that Exlcblogger received from "spies" had been totally true and the Legion of Christ had renounced Maciel, then none of the past months of turmoil would have been necessary. They are their own worst enemy, and a darn big enemy at that!


Heck, is that even possible at all? We are having our doubts over here.


Anonymous said...

The report was sort of true. There was a renunciation made. Even drawn up. It got squashed in the LC machine.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering whether that's what happened. Not surprised to hear it at all. So the LC truly was in disarray and rebellion even at these earliest stages of the news.

Anonymous said...

Well, from what I was told, and this is suspect, they were going to go public with an apology, but they were waiting on a go-ahead from the Vatican. The Vatican told them to wait.

Yeah, sounds like another fabricated another version of how Maciel was always called to Vatican by a Cardinal for "urgent" business.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily a fabricated story - recall that the Catholic newswire (was it CNA or CNS - whichever is the one in Denver CO) carried a story about how the LC was expected very shortly (within a day or two) to make a major statement - that same day was the day that Cardinal Rode had the live telecast "pep talk" to the LC's. Recall too that Fr. Jonathan Morris had told either Kresta or one of the other interviews that a major clarifying statement was forthcoming.

Something was definitely up at that time - then because no one heard anything it was generally concluded that this strategy was somehow yanked out of the hands of the LC's and Rode. Next thing you know, there's an apostolic visitation announced in March.

Now I have no idea whether this would be the scenario of the "public apology" you heard about or whether that "public apology" was plan A, which got yanked by "Plan B" (above) which got yanked as the Holy See came on board with "Plan C". In any case there was major confusion in the Legion at that time and if there were myriad plans afloat with different factions fighting each other over which plan would be implemented that just tells me they were even more adrift than I originally thought.

Perhaps we were seeing the start of a civil war within the Legion that got halted by the Holy See.

Anonymous said...

But in a way, I am kind of glad they DIDN'T give lip service to renouncing Maciel, because it is utterly clear to us who know many LC/RC that they are INCAPABLE of renouncing Maciel.

I'm rather glad it has all played out the way it has. Let the truth be known.

Anonymous said...

I also heard rumors of civil war brewing within the ranks of the Legion ... and even within the inner sanctum. I wouldn't be surprised if it just all crumbled. If it did, you can be sure Al, Luisito and Evaristito will retire comfortable somewhere the Yucatan, doing "mission work."

Anonymous said...

...or, more likely, to a jail or a psychriatic asylum.

Anonymous said...

The Vatican did stop the big statement planned by the Legion honchos in late February 2009.

But that's because in the Pope's eyes what the Legion proposed to say didn't go far enough and didn't address the root problems. Benedict had already decided that the patient needed canonical root canal, an Apostolic Visitation.

Lip service denunciations of Maciel aren't enough. They need to eliminate every vestige of his influence -- every custom, practice, rule, tendency that Maciel introduced.

If that happened, the Legion would truly be "apart from the Founder." Of course, that would leave the Legion with ... absolutely nothing at all. Which is the probable end game here.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that planned Feb. 23 statement squashed by the Vatican was drafted only a week or two after Fr. Alvaro's now infamous letter acknowledging that Maciel "was only a man" and avoiding any specific admissions, while recommending that RC members cultivate "profound gratitude" toward him for the infinite good he had accomplished.

Given the timing, it's not bloody likely that the Feb. 23 statement would have amounted to much of a repudiation.

Anonymous said...

Obviously even Vatican officials were apalled at the LC's absolute idiocy. Just look at Alvarito, just read his inane and perverse words.

Anonymous said...

If the LC came out and said "this is a crisis beyond our comprehension and capability and we put ourselves entirely under the trust and care of the Church to guide us and our future" or something to that effect... I would give them some credit and legitimacy.

But this continued "no- we're find- it's okay- nothing wrong" approach is insulting and just plain silly.

It reminds me of the scene in The Holy Grail (hey blog boss- you should post it- it's on youtube) when Arthur is fighting the Dark Knight and he cuts his arm off. And the Knight says "It's just a flesh wound".

The LC is so blind, so stupid, so clueless that they keep fighting without arms and legs, bleeding all over the place and expecting us to pretend everything is fine...

Or The Naked Gun "Please disperse. Nothing to see here" with the explosions and fireworks going off in the background.

We were naive and scared as LCs. But then we put away childish things... now we see clearly.

Shame- a crisis, or better said, a worse crisis could have been averted. But the LC in their institutional pride and naivite was too blind to act properly. Now instead of sad, it's infuriating. Dumbasses.

-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

I was fully prepared to give the Legion a chance if they had come out and acted like men after the February announcement. Had they made a public apology, totally renounced Maciel, immediately stopped recruiting, and begged the Vatican to send somebody in to take over for Alvaro&Co (that trio should have been immediately suspended from office), I would have given them a chance.

Instead, the Legion showed its true colors. Whatever they do now, it's much too little and WAY too late. They are a disaster.

I doubt they will be suppressed. I doubt they will even be forced to reform much (they are experts at spin, so I am sure they can make a reformation that sounds great on paper but means absolutely nothing in reality). But I do think that more and more people are on to them, at least in the United States. And I hope that they will just die out eventually (could take many decades, though!), having choked on their own lies and deceit.

In the meantime, their very existence will be a continuing source of scandal for the Church. Oh yes, our Church hierarchy really cares about child molestation! They allow an order of priests founded by a pederast priest to keep right on going, raising money, recruiting 12 year olds into their schools, ordaining priests while being praised to high heaven by Rode&Co. It's so embarrassing as a Catholic to try to defend our faith in light of such behavior by the Vatican. It's a terrible scandal. If I weren't Catholic, I would never even consider joining the Church given that kind of behavior by Church hierarchy. You can tell a tree by its fruit and all that jazz----a Church that praises an order of priests founded by a fraud and a pedophile (an order clearly founded in such a way as to allow that pedophile a constant source of fresh meat and money) and continues to allow same order to recruit little boys is NOT a Church most Americans would be interested in joining.

What a scandal.

Anonymous said...

I heard there is an article coming out in Atlanta with very credible accusations that Fr. Paul Moreau has psychologically abused RC members and former RC members. Some of the victims are minors. This should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

You can judge a tree by its fruit ... that favorite catch phrase of MM ... only applies when you can see ALL the fruit. You can't say with any veracity that a house is clean and organized when all the closets are closed and locked, and you aren't allowed to look behind the fridge. (not the best analogy, but forgive me, I'm an ex 3gf).

Anonymous said...

Where can we find the article on Fr Paul Moreau suspicious behavior?