Wednesday, November 11, 2009


From Life-After-RC Comment:

I received as a gift a rosary from a 3gF that was blessed by JP2. This rosary was brought to Cotija and rubbed in the dirt of MM gravesite. The rosary was given to her by another 3gF who attended the funeral. I thought it was odd that she would give it away. She replied that she already had a rosary blessed by JP2. She left RC about 6 months later.

I've thought often, what do I do with this rosary? It is blessed by JP2 and smeared by MM. One day, I tried to scrub the dirt out of it, but it would not come clean. For months, I couldn't even look at it. How could a rosary disgust me so intensely. One day, I picked it up and prayed to Mary. I asked her to pray to JP2 for his intercession in dissolving the Order that smeared his papacy.

Today, whenever I use that rosary, I pray for the dissoultion of the Legionaries of Christ.

Sunday, November 8, 2009