Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fr. "Karras", LC: Just What Are You?

The memory and sadness of Fr. Maciel’s death that went without the recognition, the thanks and the heartfelt farewells came back to me. He received no acknowledgement from the Church he served, there was no celebration of his work or achievements, his funeral was hastily and perfunctorily carried out in the backwater of Cotija, attended only by those fortunate enough to be called in by the higher powers. The entire affair was shrouded by a furtive and clandestine fog.

Other Founders of our time (J.M.Escribá!, Mother Theresa!, Chiara Lubic!) were celebrated by their Church and the obvious affection of the many people whose lives they touched. Fr. Maciel himself never imagined the final chapter of his life being written in such ignominious shorthand. There was to be a crypt in Rome, a pilgrimage of LC and RC members, unabashed signs of gratitude and admiration...

It has been a hard pill for us to swallow. It was an event we should have been allowed to experience as a congregation and a movement and it was callously taken off the agenda at the last minute. And the leadership of the LC has opted to leave each of us with our own doubts, questions and frustrations as it has all gone down.

When Fr. JME died – has it been three years already? – I could not attend the funeral, much to my deep regret. He was a friend and a mentor, a sage and a humble brother. He was kind to a fault, had a razor sharp wit and could be piercingly critical. I quote him frequently to this day. He was an LC that gave hope to many other LCs and RCs because he would go beyond the packaged advice and tired clichés that, unfortunately, often pass for spiritual direction in our system and he would speak from the heart, with real compassion for others, with depth and thoughtfulness...

Anyway, I missed the funeral because in Chile there is no practice of embalming, no routine of funeral homes that give family and friends a few days to arrive. Folks are normally buried within 24 hours of their passing. That’s no one’s fault. I simply couldn’t get there on time.

In retrospect, it was probably better for me that I be absent. There was no sincere tribute paid him at his funeral and again the LC was incapable of truly celebrating the life and legacy of one of its great men. The local superior at the time - a self-absorbed, politically astute homunculus who had little use or admiration for Fr. JME in his lifetime – was hopelessly off the mark when he delivered a generic homily that only served to reconfirm his blatant detachment from all that is real or important to the rank-and-file of the LC and RC. It was the same homily that he rattled off at two other funerals of deceased LCs.

And they think we don’t notice.
Good grief.

# posted by Fr. Karras @ 11:06 PM on his blog here

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pick me! Pick me!

Leigonaires of Christ
Fundraising Annual Gifts Cultivator
The ideal candidate is results-oriented, logical, hardworking, and cheerful in serving the Church.

The full time AG Cultivator:
1. Manages relationships with loyal donors, supporters and volunteers by making phone contact for cultivation and solicitations as well as through correspondence.
2. Solicits and secures funding by offering education of the organization's accomplishments, capabilities and programs.
3. Personally informs, involves, and bonds supporters to the organization and its projects and goals.
4. Diligently maintains accurate records in database and issues progress reports.

- BA/BS, 3-5+ years sales experience.
- Proactive outbound calling experience
- Must have sense of urgency
- Computer and phone proficiency.
- Familiarity with Regnum Christi or the Legionaries of Christ a plus.
- Demonstrated ability to work independently to goals

Excellent benefits package.
With "AG Cultivator" in subject line, email resume, cover letter and earnings history to: andy.bamber@legionofchrist.org.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catching up again


I. Pray for us, Spencer (see you in six years or so)


II. "Vows of Silence," a documentary based on the book "Vows of Silence: The Abuse of Power in the Papacy of John Paul II" by former Courant reporter Gerald Renner and Jason Berry, will be screened Oct. 9 at Fairfield University.

Berry, the film's director, will be at the 7 p.m. screening.


III. "The Legionaries of Christ... do not publicly concede that the allegations against [Maciel] were proven. They can't bring themselves to admit he abused all these kids," Berry says. "They would have to admit they engaged in a massive disinformation campaign, and that would be against Gerry and me. The film is about the disinformation effort."

Berry says the film will serve a function the book did not, by giving a closer look at Maciel's accusers.

"I defy anybody to look at Jose Barba and Juan Vaca tell their stories and think that they are lying," Berry says. "The body language, the way they speak, the dignity with which they hold themselves all convey an image of respectable men, well-mannered men."



IV. Sticking them in as Parochial Vicars???

Playing the game, or getting some oversight?

Priest Assignments

Published: September 25, 2008

ATLANTA—Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory has announced the following change in priest assignment.

He confirmed the recommendation of Father Scott Reilly, territorial director of the Legionaries of Christ, and has assigned Father David Daly as superior of the Legionaries of Christ, effective Sept. 19. For canonical status, Father Daly has been appointed as a parochial vicar at Holy Spirit Church, Atlanta.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sent to me by a friend of Regnum Christi, seems that I am not one.

September 2008

Who are we?




Welcome to Mission, the electronic newsletter for members and friends of Regnum Christi. Although we really don’t plan each issue to have a theme, education is a uniting force in the stories that follow. It is exciting to see people of all ages learning in a variety of environments. If you have comments or suggestions for Mission, please drop us a line….Jim Fair news@regnumchristi.org

Thanks for the tip, H.M.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching up

45 new novices from 4 apostolic schools, 2 national vocational tours and two countries (and maybe some filler from Mexico and Brazil).


Episcopal Bed and Breakfast. I heard an Irishman say once that if the Legion is good at anything, it is running hotels.


Exlcblogger is amused and impressed by Paul Lennon's book. I wonder if he is such a disgruntled old man as they say he is?


Now that the new season has started, the mystery is over: Fr. Alvaro will not be dancing this year.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The holiness of the Cumbres and the real poverty of Chile

La Santidad de Cumbres y la pobreza real de Chile

No pasaron muchos días antes de que apareciera el argumento preciso para dejar constancia sobre nuestro parecer en el temita de la pornocobertura de un accidente de tránsito que involucró a 9 jóvenes en el norte de Chile.

Aunque al mundo le parezca raro (Chile es líder galáctico en crecimiento económico o al menos, somos buenos en eso de vender el cuento), 6 personas murieron (incluyendo un niño) en el sur de Chile por culpa de un brasero.

Es decir, carbón o madera ardiendo quemó una mediagua (no de construcción sólida) en medio de la noche.

Nos imaginamos que no tenían Blackberrys, Wi-Fi, telefono de red fija, IPhone, compus y laptops, agua potable, calefacción centralizada, aire acondicionado, dólares ahorrados, viajes acumulados al 'extranjero', latifundios con diques digno de castillos medievales, enormes extensiones con miles de cabezas de animales, camionetas 2009 4x4, becas Presidente de la Republica, tios y ex pololos en la Concertación que le regalan contratos por millones de dólares...etc. Tampoco tenían -nos imaginamos- amigos y familiares con jets privados y una presidenta que le manda (sin más) otro avión militar para "cualquier cosita que quieran".

No veremos campañas de marketing (abusando de sus entierros) apostóficos que una vez por todas, posiciona para siempre la empresa Cumbres y los Legionarios de Cristo en el inconciente chileno como los criadores de la clase alta económica (ni hablar de la cultural).Es más, ni veremos sus entierros. No escucharemos sus líderes espirituales, dando cátedra sobre su muerte innecesaria..."estaban listos para partir" y cobertura de 24 horas consecutivas, en la televisión y prensa.

No habrá alusiones a la relación sanguínea de Doña Juana María Pichinao con empresarios new-rich o que su tía NO está en el gobierno.

No habrá campaña en Facebook. No habrá exigencias para cambiar el nombre de la carretera para conmemorarlos.No habrá linchamiento público de los bomberos, con páginas y páginas de investigación seria sobre el pasado profesional.Sus familiares se quedaran (los que pueden) velando sus restos, en una tristeza profunda y no tan escandalosa.

Contrastará con los familiares de algunas de las niñitas ...que a 24 horas ya viajaban a Wall Street para celebrar CHILE Day en la bolsa de Nueva York.

09/11/2008 Publicado en:


(Por Montserrat Nicolás)


Monday, September 15, 2008

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

Our poet laureate (or lariat?) gets front page billing on Legion of Christ website.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kind of makes you wonder...

As the Legion of Christ continues its shameless self-promotion with the NCR, one wonders at the little white lies that Fr. Maciel liked to tell about his dealings with the pope, and the legends that the Legion spins later. Here is an example.

Mater Ecclesiae began 17 years ago, in 1991. It was a request of John Paul II. He asked Father Marcial Maciel [founder of the Legionaries of Christ] if the Legion could do something for the formation of priests because he believed how good it would be for the Legion to have a seminary for bishops from all over the world so their seminarians could become rectors and formators in their own [diocesan] seminaries. Father Maciel saw this as the solution to that request he saw in the eyes and heart of the Vicar of Christ.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Not again!

It seems that there are rumblings at Saint Vincent College in Pennsylvania about clandestine plans of the Legion of Christ to take over. Why is it always the same story?

Posted yesterday:
Bearcat30 speaks well.

"throughtout this forum's archives (you can search comments and topics) there are postings concerning Donahue and Towey vis a vis associations with Regnum Christi, Legionairres of Christ (Legion of Christ) etc and Donahue's support of University of Sacramento (A legion of Christ school). Researching these entities and their plan for catholic schools will give you some indication of a Towey agenda for Saint Vincent. You will also come across the Carey name (Carey center) rel to Donahue and their contributions to the University of Sacramento." [sic]

Here are more examples from the discussions:

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Photo Caption Contest

Real Sex. Regnum Christi Style.

Well, here we have it:
"Reality Check: The Truth About Sex Video
The video, "Reality check: The Truth About Sex," is a necessity for those who want to promote chastity. It is a must for CCD teachers, youth directors, directors of religious education, as well as anyone who wants to be a leader and promoter of chastity. A practical guide, "A Challenge for the New Millennium: A Practical Guide for Chastity Promoters" is [sold] separately."
Exlcblogger could say a whole lot here...
But it will be left up to you to comment.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Arrested Development. Strange Bedfellows for the Legion of Christ.

For anyone interested: the arrest warrant for Raffaello Follieri.

UPDATE FROM CNN (Sept 10, 2008)
Raffaello Follieri agreed not to appeal any sentence of up to five years and three months in prison for his plea to wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.
Sentencing was set for October 3.
Then he will be back to cheat and steal using some other scam and or new internet site for kids and sports, or bioethics or something....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nice way to get to 30

This summer, 13 young women consecrated their lives to God in the Regnum Christi Movement, while an additional 17 renewed their promises.

So the headline can read:
30 Young Women Say Yes

Bottom line: 13 entered this year.

Read it here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

More money...

Exlcblogger received a mailing with a letter begging for money for the Columbus Day Sweepstakes from the Legion of Christ. Think I might win?
On top of that, those b*$tards sold my name and address to a Catholic mailing list, so now I have more holy cards, medals, and mass cards than a person can possibly use.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some more love from Fr. Michael. (I think the meter is off a bit in some places)

Christ, Your True Friend
Author: FATHER MICHAEL SLINEY 2008-01-02
You have a true friend in heaven above,
He is human and divine, and bursting with love.
You are much more to him than a number or name,
On the throne of your heart, he desires to reign!

Christ is impressed by your authentic living,
By your true and sincere, “heart-felt” giving.
All of your hidden acts of love he sees,
He knows when your heart aches and bleeds.

Christ carved out the path with machete in hand,
With his cross he drew a clear line in the sand.
He “walked the talk”, and never complained,
In spite of SO MUCH humiliation and pain.

You are the human bridge on which Christ will walk,
Into the minds and hearts of those to whom you talk.
Christ looks into your eyes and asks for help today,
What will you say? Please, Please say OK!!

God bless and Merry Christmas,
Fr. Michael Sliney, LC

Precious, just precious. Sniff, sniff...

Read (or ignore) the original here.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Follieri, Sodano, the Legion of Christ, Intrigue, Vatican, Hollywood, New York, Italy, Money Laundering, Handsome Men, Attractive Women, Cardinals...

Follieri’s ace was Andrea Sodano, fortysomething nephew of Cardinal Angelo Sodano. Distant as the connection might seem, the relationship was real, and Cardinal Sodano was hardly just another red hat in the flock. Under the ailing John Paul II, he essentially ran the Vatican as secretary of state. Andrea, who started flying over to New York to help Follieri pitch investors, was fond of flipping open his cell phone to show digital pictures of his uncle. Later, prosecutors would dismiss the contacts as insignificant. But what if they worked?

Cardinal Angelo Sodano:

The Legion's protector, Maciel's defender---intrigue and lies concerning the Vatican Investigation into both

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a terrible problem to have!

Legion of Christ Mission Territory Becomes Major Drug Route in Mexico

Van en aumento los recalones de droga en costas de Quintana Roo

Un informe de la PGR detalla cómo Quintana Roo se ha vuelto la ruta preferida para el tráfico de drogas. Del 2003 a la fecha, y sólo con un descenso en el 2004, la “droga perdida” que llega a los litorales de Quintana Roo ha ido en aumento.

Un informe entregado a través de la Unidad de acceso a la información de la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR), detalla cómo Quintana Roo se ha vuelto la ruta preferida para el tráfico de drogas. Del 2003 a la fecha, y sólo con un descenso en el 2004, la “droga perdida” que llega a los litorales de Quintana Roo ha ido en aumento, no sólo en número sino en cantidad, lo que confirma que el estado más joven de la República se está convirtiendo también en el territorio ideal para el tráfico de sustancias ilícitas. No sólo es la posición geográfica lo que hace atractivo a Quintana Roo, sino la prácticamente nula vigilancia de sus costas y la desventaja en equipamiento de la Armada de México, la encargada de la protección de los litorales.
Click on the maps to see them more clearly.
Read it here.
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Image source.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WOW! What the ..... ?!

Man arrested on child porn charges (connections to the Legion of Christ)
By John NickersonStaff Writer
Article Launched: 09/03/2008 01:00:00 AM EDT

NORWALK - A Westport man convicted in Connecticut and New York for luring children to sit naked on shaving cream-filled balloons, was arraigned on child pornography charges Tuesday.
Nicholas Battaglino, 29, of 1 Pioneer Road, was ordered held on $350,000 bond by Judge Burton Kaplan at state Superior Court in Norwalk. The case was transferred to the Part A docket at state Superior Court in Stamford, where Battaglino is to return on Sept. 12.
Battaglino was picked up by Westport police Friday after 319 images of child pornography were allegedly discovered on his home computer.
Battaglino, who told authorities he is a telephone solicitor for the Legionaries of Christ, a Mexican religious congregation, was convicted in Norwalk of risk of injury to a minor in November 2006.
At Tuesday's arraignment, Assistant State's Attorney Michael DeJoseph said Battaglino was convicted charges related to leaving red balloons filled with shaving cream for children to find.
DeJoseph said Battaglino would leave balloons in isolated places, where young children could find them. He watched them pull down their pants and sit on the cream-filled balloons to see them explode.
DeJoseph said Battaglino was convicted in New York for doing the same thing at Rockaway Beach in Queens, where he was charged with promoting an obscene performance by a child less than 17 years old.

Read the entire article here.
And here
and here
and here

For Us Gringos

Some interesting comments and attendees at the Colegio Cumbres funeral in Santiago, Chile:

Among those present at the funeral were Interior Minister Edmundo Perez Yoma, the widow of former dictator Augusto Pinochet, Lucia Hiriart, as well as Sen. Juan Antonio Coloma, who is the president of the hard-right Independent Democratic Union party. The Legion of Christ is a powerful, very conservative sect within the Catholic Church, and several of the girls killed in Friday’s tragic accident were related to some of the nation’s most influential families.

Read it all here in English.

Wednesday Photo Caption Contest

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Exlcblogger hopes that the readers of this blog are pleased with the new (free) blogger template.

The polka dots were getting old.

Fr. Karras has the same template.

Exlcblogger is nearly despondent that a fellow ex Legionary of Christ blogger would so cavalierly steal.

And an exorcist with such a fine reputation.

The autumn colors are so pretty.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Where has Fr. Bannon gone?

Where has Fr. Bannon gone?
Long time passing
Where has Fr. Bannon gone?
Long time ago
Where has Fr. Bannon gone?
Maciel has picked them every one
When will they ever learn?

The last promotional mailings asking for money from the Legion of Christ have been signed by Fr. Joseph-in-a-Burka, and not Fr. Bannon.

Fr. Anthony Bannon's name has been used on these mailing since at least 1980.
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