Friday, September 12, 2008

Not again!

It seems that there are rumblings at Saint Vincent College in Pennsylvania about clandestine plans of the Legion of Christ to take over. Why is it always the same story?

Posted yesterday:
Bearcat30 speaks well.

"throughtout this forum's archives (you can search comments and topics) there are postings concerning Donahue and Towey vis a vis associations with Regnum Christi, Legionairres of Christ (Legion of Christ) etc and Donahue's support of University of Sacramento (A legion of Christ school). Researching these entities and their plan for catholic schools will give you some indication of a Towey agenda for Saint Vincent. You will also come across the Carey name (Carey center) rel to Donahue and their contributions to the University of Sacramento." [sic]

Here are more examples from the discussions:

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Anonymous said...

My son received rather generous scholarships from both Belmont and St Vincents and turned them down for another University. It was after the fact that we realized the Legionaries where trying to insert themselves into both of those schools. Thank you dear Lord for sparing us the agony of having to deal with the Legionaries of Christ again. They are like a bad dream that keeps recurring.

Anonymous said...

They must be having difficulty with their own university so they have to use the Benedictines. They cannot do it on their own. They have to use someone else to do there work. Once people realize what is going on they are only going to piss them off more.