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Lladró Comercial S.A.

Fr. Maciel had an extensive collection of Lladró Statuettes in his office at 460 Via Aurelia in Rome. Anyone who has ever visited this office has seen them adorning the bookshelves. They are not cheap: check them out here. BTW, no one else in the Legion was ever allowed to collect anything, not even dust.

What is the difference with things like this? Certainly none, including Lladró, are "Legionary".

Consecrated Women and Discernment

“It’s sad to say that discernment is becoming more and more difficult because there’s a lot of worldly distractions and noise so the voice of God gets buried.”
Her advice: “Pray. Grow closer to Christ in the Eucharist. I really think it was in adoration that my vocation was born. Whatever you’re called to, Jesus is at the center of your life.”

Exlcblogger wonders if hiding from worldly distractions is enough for proper discernment.

Read this article about 3GF here.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Accredited? It's about time. Why not before?

Sorry, I just had to go back to this article.

The school [Cheshire] recently received accreditation and can confer associate degrees for completing the academic portion, Richardson said. After candidates for the priesthood finish their time at the seminary, they must complete a three-year internship, and could be placed anywhere in the world, he said.

Read the permit here.

Image source

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Supafly": maybe you should put the "er" back in

This has to be one of the strangest comments I have read on line on the subject. Anyone else find this incredibly superficial?

"I am convinced that the thing that fascinates the world with priests is they take vows of chastity. That’s right, no hanky panky, no knockin’ the boots, no bouncin’ to the beat. In a world that is so twisted and bound by lust, it seems more feasible that one could fly than to not have sex and not masturbate.

(But, think about it, if a man can tame his sexual desires, could he not take over the world?)

BTW, the original blog entry is about a visit to a seminary in Cheshire, CT (I think that there is only one in that town....)

Monday, May 26, 2008

A fascinating piece!

Journey to priesthood long, but rewarding
Please click above and read the entire article, but a bizarre (involving sensational contrasts or incongruities) part follows:

"As priests in training, they have to be celibate, a sacrifice Devereux said is difficult to describe. Sometimes, people go through the seminary and are unable or unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to become a priest, he added. If a candidate for the priesthood is not truly called by God to serve, it's best for them and the church if they leave, Wirfel said.

Devereux believes the failure to identify men unsuited for the seminary may have contributed to the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Although pedophiles make up only a small percentage of Catholic priests, Devereux said one is too many.

Nine people accused the founder of the Legion of Christ, Marcial Maciel, of sexual abuse in the 1970s. Although one of those took back his statement, more allegations have surfaced since Maciel's death in January.

When Richardson was researching the Legion of Christ on several Web sites before attending the seminary, he learned of the allegations and said he was concerned.

"They were some serious allegations," Richardson said.

He spoke with a priest he knew at home about what he learned. The priest told Richardson he had worked with Maciel for three years, but never got the sense that he would do something like that, so Richardson felt more at ease about joining the seminary.

"We have a deep appreciation for him because he's our founder," Richardson said."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

And This is Luis Garza Medina's Sister-- No Kidding!

See entire original here
(Thanks for the tip, B.)
The author is Roberta Garza, editor of Milenio:

Si el comité selector lo aprueba, el III Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México, DocsDF, a celebrarse en la capital mexicana del 25 de septiembre al 4 de octubre, proyectará entre sus materiales el documental Votos de silencio, dirigido y producido por el periodista estadunidense Jason Berry.

Basado en el libro del mismo nombre que coescribió en 2004 junto con Gerald Renner, desaparecido reportero del Hartford Courant, el documental se ha proyectado ya en varias instituciones educativas de Estados Unidos.

A diferencia del libro, que documenta casos de abuso sexual clerical en Estados Unidos y en México, la cinta se enfoca en retratar la historia de Marcial Maciel Degollado, el sacerdote fallecido el 30 de enero y fundador de la controvertida orden de los Legionarios de Cristo.

La cinta de 60 minutos ha sido vista en la Universidad Vanderbilt, en Milwaukee , en el Festival Fílmico Internacional de Derechos Humanos de Nueva Orleans, en la Universidad de Rhode Island y en la Universidad de Georgetown. Hoy será vista en el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Nueva Orleans , ciudad natal del autor. Los días 2 y 3 de mayo se proyectará en el Festival de Documentales de Madrid , en la capital española.

En una reseña del documental escrita por Tom Roberts, director de noticias de National Catholic Reporter (NCR), que ha cubierto ampliamente los escándalos sexuales del clero en Estados Unidos, Roberts comenta que Votos de silencio "es una anatomía del sistema de justicia vaticano, siguiendo la obsesionante saga del padre Marcial Macial, quien se ganó el favor del papa Juan Pablo II a pesar de años de acusaciones de pederastia".

Según el texto, el desaparecido fundador de la Legión de Cristo aprovechó su carisma y sus conexiones en el Vaticano para convertirse en el principal recolector de fondos de la Iglesia católica (varias fuentes indican que la Legión de Cristo tiene un presupuesto de 650 millones de dólares) y para atraer a jóvenes seminaristas a su causa.

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Zenith strikes the LC money cord

Exlcblogger got the following email...
Zenit sent me tne following letter by email:
Dear friends,

A few readers have written us to complain about our donations campaign. "Isn't ZENIT supposed to be free?" they ask. Others query, "Isn't this barrage of letters an exercise of psychological pressure on readers?"

I can assure you, no one wishes we could shorten or simply omit this ask-a-thon more than we do! Appealing to the generosity of our readers is a sort of necessary evil for ZENIT -- it's what allows us to keep ZENIT cost-free for the many who simply cannot pay.

In fact, as of now only about 3.5% of ZENIT's half-million readers donates anything at all.

But the campaign also allows you, our readers, to perform a good work, a "corporal work of mercy." Giving alms to those who beg carries with it an eternal reward, our Lord promises.

If the campaign feels like pressure to you, maybe it's your conscience inviting you to give a little something to this worthy, non-profit enterprise. Your little sacrifice will keep ZENIT providing the best Catholic news for another 10 years!

To send a donation, click here:
For questions or more information, contact us at

Thanks for your generosity!

With my best wishes,

Karna Swanson Lozoya

And please don't call someone pressuring the person's conscience inviting him/her to give money. I'm tired of RC apostolates labeling pressure as the voice of God. Conscience is the voice of God in our hearts. Pressure is not the way God works. God works in freedom and love, never pressure.

Again, take me off your list. I used to endure/tolerate these emails for money. Now I'm just plain tired of reading how RC apostolates twist the way God works in order to promote their own cause and to get money.


Image source.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

LC out of Peachtree* City, Georgia?

Rumors are that the Legion and RC have been told to leave Holy Trinity Parish in Peachtree* City near Atlanta. Does anyone know more about this?

*spelling corrected in the spirit of Pincrest Academy

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Check the counter. The next visitor should be number 1000!

The Legion and Human Rights?!?!?!?!?!?!? News to me....

Human Rights Fiesta; a Traditional Parish
Read it here

This is from Zenit, the LC Agency. Exlcblogger looks down on self promotion (unless it is Exlcblogger doing it, of course).

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Legion of Christ, a history..... (?)

Has anyone read this book, or seen the chronology here? Thoughts? Ideas?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exlcblogger found some anonymous scribbling online here about Jason Berry. By the way, this same blogger just watched the interview with Berry and Renner that is included on the Vows of Silence DVD. The whole DVD is an amazing story, which is only rivaled by the "Little Flowers of St. Maciel" that we all heard in "Spirit of the Legion" or "Explicacion de reglas" in the Novitiate.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who is it going to be?

Priest speaks on Maciel, Legion of Christ

From Matt C. Abbott on Renew America earlier this year. Great thanks to Matt for covering the Legion of Christ and trying to look at all sides of the issue. In this particular article, there seems to be lots of confusion on the part of Fr. Farfaglia who wrote it as a letter to Matt. Exlcblogger admits much confusion and needs help making heads or tails of it. The good Father seems to want to praise and damn the Legion in the same breath...
Pic is of Matt.
Take a look at the original.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jason Berry on Australian Radio in 2006

Listen to the full text with Real Player here
and with Windows Media here
*Downloads are secure

"The Legionaries of Christ is one of those far right Catholic organisations favoured by the late Pope John Paul. Founded in Mexico in the early 1940s in the wake of a period of terrible violence and persecution, it’s a secret society with many of the characteristics of a cult. It’s especially powerful in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The 86-year-old founder, Father Marciel Maciel Degollardo, has been treated like a living saint and ceaselessly promoted by Pope John Paul II, who called him ‘an efficacious guide for youth’.

But he turns out to be more like Nosferatu. Marciel has been the subject of rumours and several investigations that went nowhere, into allegations going back to the 1940s, that he raped teenage boys while telling them he had a special dispensation from Pope Pius XII to have sex with them, and then absolve them from sin, because he suffered from acute pains in the stomach. In the 1950s he had his faculties removed briefly while he was investigated for drug addiction.

In 1997, eight men came forward alleging that they had been abused by him while they were children, several of them university professors, one the former head of the Legionaries of Christ in the United States...

Well now the investigation is over. And without detailing what he has been found guilty of, the Vatican has released a statement indicating that because of his advanced age and delicate health, Father Maciel has been banished from public ministry, and invited to end his days in prayer and repentance.

Well I’m joined now to discuss the decision by religion commentator Paul Collins, and American journalist Jason Berry, the co-author of a book about the Maciel case called ‘Vows of Silence’."

Read transcript here

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Free offer!

Tell a friend about exlcblog and you will receive the greatest satisfaction of your life knowing that your friend will get Exlcblogger's sass, irony, humor, hubris, and all-around fun.

Seriously, Exlcblogger wants more hits per day, so tell a friend, an exlc and ex consecrated or anyone at all and tell them to comment away!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A word from the troops

From Andrew Boyd's Blog:
"I went home July 5, 2001. I was honestly very happy when I left, but quite sad at the same time, since I was leaving all of my brothers whom I had lived with for a year, and they allow no goodbyes in the Legion, out of fear that others will be influenced to leave. My brother decided not to go on, two days before his flight was to go back. However, at thirteen, he had to go through a four-hour phone call with the rector, trying to convince him to come back. I praise God that he is not there.

I consider myself fortunate, to not be in a worse state like others that were in the Legion, who left and went crazy, or who completely lost their faith. The Legion does do some good, but the price at which it comes is unacceptable. As long as they use these methods, I must always tell the truth about them."

Andrew H. Boyd

Quote source

This story shows some pretty outrageous behavior on the part of the Legion of Christ with some pretty young kids.

Wednesday photo caption contest

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh My!

Fr. J.S., how you have grown! I mean really grown!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lots to say about "Pincrest"

Turn down the audio. The songs suck.

The external title of this video is "Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel Pincrest Academy"

An article on the Regnum Christi website reads: " Pincrest Academy: “Semper Altius” "
see here
(do they teach spelling?)

The chapel looks like crap. Does anyone think that an exterior like this is spiritually inspiring in any way?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Interesting statement by Fr. Karras

"Jonathan Morris has become the perfect bobble-head accoutrement for the Stepford blondes of Fox News Channel."

Original here

Friday, May 9, 2008

Why not?


Why can't the consecrated women wear this one? Tim Gunn might approve.

More choices here

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I could not resist....

This video soooooo reminds me of the so called consecrated women! Can someone do a video with Tim Gun commenting on their fashion and hair? It would not take much tweaking...

Thanks for the pic, M.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Numbers game

From John on the Per Christum Blog:
"One fact remains that the Legion does play the numbers game at the highest level which leads me to believe that there is more wrong [with] the leadership than first meets the eye. I was in Rome for the 60th anniversary of Nuestro Padre['s] ordination to the priesthood. There where 59 ordinations to the priesthood in St Paul outside the wall. Who knows what happened with #60. I think it was a message from God. One of the priest[s] being ordained was a friend who I recruited to RC. After his ordination my wife asked him if he could hear her confession. He had to decline the offer because he could not be given faculties to hear confession because he still had not completed his studies. My understanding was that there were a number of other priest in the same situation who where being ordained prior to completion of their studies. Maybe if they where given the full time to reflect the number of ordinations would have been even lower.

At the time of the ordinations I did not think much more about it. But then after leaving and reflecting more, I realized they were playing the numbers games with these sacred ordination[s] to God’s service. I do not believe that this should be something to play around with to please the founder and make a headline. I think that it was scandalous to trivialize these mens['s] ordination by pulling these kinds of marketing stunts. God does not operate this way. I believe [it] is a very serious and concrete example of how the Legion operates. The individual is secondary and exists solely for the success of the movement. People become objects and thus a means for furthering their goals."

Original here

Saturday, May 3, 2008

There is no denying it....

There is something profoundly disturbing about this photo.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Now let's not get into an argument here....

Thanks M for the pic.

Is this stuff still true?

This was 2002. Has anything changed?
"Something sinister about the Legion"
May 1, 2002
By a mother of students once enrolled at a Regnum Christi school

My husband and I joined Regnum Christi after enrolling our child in Northwoods Catholic School in Houston, Texas. We have both left "the movement" after experiencing first hand the secretive, deceitful, defensive and hostile behavior attributed to the Legion in other places and instances. Many factors have contributed to my opinion that the Regnum Christi movement seems somewhat like a cult.

When I enrolled my child I read the information posted on the internet about Fr. Marcial and about the Donnellan School in Atlanta. When I asked Regnum Christi members about these stories, the response was and still is, that the Legion has many detractors because of its orthodoxy. I consider myself an orthodox Catholic too, faithful to the magisterium of the Church, so this explanation seemed plausible.

I now realize, from my firsthand experience, that there is much truth in the negative reports about the Legion, and it has nothing to do with their "orthodoxy" or faithfulness to the Church. On the contrary, the ultimate fidelity within the movement seems to be loyalty to Fr. Marcial himself, not to Christ.

The Legionary priests are seen by the Regnum Christi faithful as holier than other priests, and certainly imbued with a special holiness above mere laity.

To question anything about the Legion is treated as a betrayal of Christ himself. Legitimate questions that arose about financial mishandling at the Northwoods school went unanswered for years. Questions about the Legion or about the academic curriculum have been met with half-answers. Serious shortcomings in the academic curriculum were seen by the Regnum Christ faithful as insignificant compared to the ostensibly rigorous spiritual "formation" the children receive. As parents, we have seen neither rigorous academics nor the fruits of true spiritual growth in our children through their education at Northwoods.

My persistence in questioning the manner in which the school was being run, ostensibly by lay people, but in reality at the direction of the Legion or its agents, was met at first with stone-walling then with orchestrated hostility among the Regnum Christi faithful. Indeed, blind obedience seems to be prized above all else. To question is to be "negative," un-Christian. Charity and unity are used as a weapon against anyone who questions behavior or motives.

We will not re-enroll our children at Northwoods Catholic School. I believe, based on my own experience, that there is something sinister about the Legion. There is certainly something cult-like about the Regnum Christi movement. I am troubled that the Legion seems to be so supported by the Holy Father and the Vatican. Everyone must exercise his own conscience in matters like this, and despite accusations by Regnum Christi members to the contrary, my judgment in this matter was not arrived at lightly, but with much prayer, spiritual direction, and discernment.

I would invite you to post this letter for the benefit of anyone, especially parents considering a school for their children that has a Legionary affiliation.

Copyright © 2002 Rick Ross.

For link, here

Thursday, May 1, 2008

De nuestros hermanos en Mexico

Carmen Aristegui Marcial Maciel - 1 Parte


The Pope is EVERYWHERE on the LC website (here). Does anyone know if the Pope's orders are being followed about the private vows? Or is it just lip service?