Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Supafly": maybe you should put the "er" back in

This has to be one of the strangest comments I have read on line on the subject. Anyone else find this incredibly superficial?

"I am convinced that the thing that fascinates the world with priests is they take vows of chastity. That’s right, no hanky panky, no knockin’ the boots, no bouncin’ to the beat. In a world that is so twisted and bound by lust, it seems more feasible that one could fly than to not have sex and not masturbate.

(But, think about it, if a man can tame his sexual desires, could he not take over the world?)

BTW, the original blog entry is about a visit to a seminary in Cheshire, CT (I think that there is only one in that town....)

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Anonymous said...

He certainly seems to be preoccupied by the whole sex thing since he views the priesthood in those terms. He will be in for a surprise if this is the pivotal issue for the priesthood. How about love for Christ and souls as a motivation for the priesthood?