Sunday, May 4, 2008

Numbers game

From John on the Per Christum Blog:
"One fact remains that the Legion does play the numbers game at the highest level which leads me to believe that there is more wrong [with] the leadership than first meets the eye. I was in Rome for the 60th anniversary of Nuestro Padre['s] ordination to the priesthood. There where 59 ordinations to the priesthood in St Paul outside the wall. Who knows what happened with #60. I think it was a message from God. One of the priest[s] being ordained was a friend who I recruited to RC. After his ordination my wife asked him if he could hear her confession. He had to decline the offer because he could not be given faculties to hear confession because he still had not completed his studies. My understanding was that there were a number of other priest in the same situation who where being ordained prior to completion of their studies. Maybe if they where given the full time to reflect the number of ordinations would have been even lower.

At the time of the ordinations I did not think much more about it. But then after leaving and reflecting more, I realized they were playing the numbers games with these sacred ordination[s] to God’s service. I do not believe that this should be something to play around with to please the founder and make a headline. I think that it was scandalous to trivialize these mens['s] ordination by pulling these kinds of marketing stunts. God does not operate this way. I believe [it] is a very serious and concrete example of how the Legion operates. The individual is secondary and exists solely for the success of the movement. People become objects and thus a means for furthering their goals."

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Anonymous said...

For Fr Maciel's 50th anniversary, they also moved up and held back ordinations so that he could have 50 candles on his anniversary cake.