Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A word from the troops

From Andrew Boyd's Blog:
"I went home July 5, 2001. I was honestly very happy when I left, but quite sad at the same time, since I was leaving all of my brothers whom I had lived with for a year, and they allow no goodbyes in the Legion, out of fear that others will be influenced to leave. My brother decided not to go on, two days before his flight was to go back. However, at thirteen, he had to go through a four-hour phone call with the rector, trying to convince him to come back. I praise God that he is not there.

I consider myself fortunate, to not be in a worse state like others that were in the Legion, who left and went crazy, or who completely lost their faith. The Legion does do some good, but the price at which it comes is unacceptable. As long as they use these methods, I must always tell the truth about them."

Andrew H. Boyd

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This story shows some pretty outrageous behavior on the part of the Legion of Christ with some pretty young kids.

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Anonymous said...

Teenagers are at a stage of their life where they are learning how to have healthy personal relationships. How crazy it is to subject teenagers to the notion that they cannot have particular relationships at that stage of life. This is definitely a scenario for mental health problems later on in life. Common sense would tell anyone that this is not healthy but the methology of the movement trumps logic. It kind of reminds me of Pope Benedict's Regensburg address