Saturday, May 31, 2008

Consecrated Women and Discernment

“It’s sad to say that discernment is becoming more and more difficult because there’s a lot of worldly distractions and noise so the voice of God gets buried.”
Her advice: “Pray. Grow closer to Christ in the Eucharist. I really think it was in adoration that my vocation was born. Whatever you’re called to, Jesus is at the center of your life.”

Exlcblogger wonders if hiding from worldly distractions is enough for proper discernment.

Read this article about 3GF here.


Anonymous said...

How would an 18y.o know that it is getting more difficult in life to discern a vocation? She has not lived long enough to discern any changes. This must be what she is being fed.

Anonymous said...

“I thought they were very solid and that I was in good hands.” -- So did I!
“There’s a special grace being with it from the beginning, for being one of the first,” -- yeah, the grace of no negative information being available in 1994. Sounds like grace = Multi-level marketing.
“My vocation has been a gift to me, to my family..." -- Of course, families love to lose members and see them once in a blue moon.
"she trains and assists local women in starting Challenge Clubs — small communities where 10-15 year-old girls can live out their Christian life. She gives talks, runs retreats for 16 to 30-year-old women through Youth for the Third Millennium and she gives spiritual direction to young women." -- she's a recruiter.
"Whatever you’re called to, Jesus is at the center of your life.” -- not if you are LC/RC. The Movement is the center, under a pseudo-Jesus guise.