Thursday, May 1, 2008


The Pope is EVERYWHERE on the LC website (here). Does anyone know if the Pope's orders are being followed about the private vows? Or is it just lip service?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know exactly what these orders are?
I can see the LC literally following a "no more vows" and still insisting on them or their equivalent as part of their new-flavor-of-the-day charism of "charity." Thus literally following the law, while absolutely breaking it in spirit and maintaining control over the members.
The place is a cult, after all!

Anonymous said...

Bernardo Barranco has written recently that: "... in December, 2007, by papal order, the Vatican Congregation for Consecrated Life announced the derogation of the two private vows of the Legion." Is this announcement documented anywhere? If it is, has the Legion made any public comments about following the derogation order? If there are no papal visitors sent to supervise and investigate the Legion, I seriously doubt any papal document with change the high-and-mighty "tradition" of the Legion. In the past, certain Legionary superiors instructed us in private that the Church would adopt one day Legionary traditions that Canon Law currently explicitly forbids (specifically, confessing to your superior on a habitual basis and having him as a spiritual director). How can you cure such spiritual blindness? It certainly would take a miracle!