Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zenith strikes the LC money cord

Exlcblogger got the following email...
Zenit sent me tne following letter by email:
Dear friends,

A few readers have written us to complain about our donations campaign. "Isn't ZENIT supposed to be free?" they ask. Others query, "Isn't this barrage of letters an exercise of psychological pressure on readers?"

I can assure you, no one wishes we could shorten or simply omit this ask-a-thon more than we do! Appealing to the generosity of our readers is a sort of necessary evil for ZENIT -- it's what allows us to keep ZENIT cost-free for the many who simply cannot pay.

In fact, as of now only about 3.5% of ZENIT's half-million readers donates anything at all.

But the campaign also allows you, our readers, to perform a good work, a "corporal work of mercy." Giving alms to those who beg carries with it an eternal reward, our Lord promises.

If the campaign feels like pressure to you, maybe it's your conscience inviting you to give a little something to this worthy, non-profit enterprise. Your little sacrifice will keep ZENIT providing the best Catholic news for another 10 years!

To send a donation, click here:
For questions or more information, contact us at

Thanks for your generosity!

With my best wishes,

Karna Swanson Lozoya

And please don't call someone pressuring the person's conscience inviting him/her to give money. I'm tired of RC apostolates labeling pressure as the voice of God. Conscience is the voice of God in our hearts. Pressure is not the way God works. God works in freedom and love, never pressure.

Again, take me off your list. I used to endure/tolerate these emails for money. Now I'm just plain tired of reading how RC apostolates twist the way God works in order to promote their own cause and to get money.


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Anonymous said...

Every LC/RC apostolate (which is what Zenit is) MUST be or become self-sustaining. After all, the mothership (err... house) must be supported since "we're on a mission from God."

Anonymous said...

I remember a class we were given in the LC called persuasion. We were taught how to persuade people to give us money no matter what. We had to convince people to give us whatever we wanted.

Anonymous said...

ABC, always be closing!!

Seriously, they could give the old, "God is going to call me home if you don't call now and donate xx,xxx,xxx dollars..."