Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kind of makes you wonder...

As the Legion of Christ continues its shameless self-promotion with the NCR, one wonders at the little white lies that Fr. Maciel liked to tell about his dealings with the pope, and the legends that the Legion spins later. Here is an example.

Mater Ecclesiae began 17 years ago, in 1991. It was a request of John Paul II. He asked Father Marcial Maciel [founder of the Legionaries of Christ] if the Legion could do something for the formation of priests because he believed how good it would be for the Legion to have a seminary for bishops from all over the world so their seminarians could become rectors and formators in their own [diocesan] seminaries. Father Maciel saw this as the solution to that request he saw in the eyes and heart of the Vicar of Christ.


Anonymous said...

You mean that's not true? What's the real story? I've always hated that "baby bishops school" blabber.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money: AFAIK, the funds raised to build this "new" seminary actually went to build a new seminary for the LC's, while their old one is used for the diocesan students.
Clever, huh?
Very typical LC 'bait and switch'