Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aristegui - Los Hijos De Maciel En Busca De Reconocimiento Legal 1/4

Carmen Aristequi: CNN Mexico
The Maciel's Children Seek Legal Recognition

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Spanish only.


Anonymous said...

Please, will some kind Spanish speaking person please post a translation of this?

Anonymous said...

This is a HUGE interview. Translating is a chore that would take many many hours of some very hard work, first transcription, then translation. Sorry, but you don't realize what you are asking!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, I didn't view it.

How about if someone could sum it up, in a nutshell?

Rats, I hate being unilingual!

Another exLegionary said...

Yes, you should have joined the Legion and then you could be freely nauseated, like me!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know, I do believe that one of the difficulty of many people regarding the issue, is that they are (as we were, most of us) convinced that the truth is always at middle-path between the accusations and the defense. In this issue, we know now that MM was not only poor man, but a man whose personal pervertion exceeded all limits... This is why, this video, as the TV program of TVN ( helps us to mesure the gravity of the facts. For this reason also I think that the idea to translate this is very good. That is the first time we have in our hands a so objective and unquestionable document. We find many people wandering how they can inform friends. This is the best way. I am trying to make a long translation, but I am sorry for you, dear english speaking, I am doing it into french.


Someone dares for the english translation?

Recovering from RC said...

Salut, the French. Vous etiez LC? Quand j'etais RC, j'ai rencontre plusieurs freres LC qui venait de la France. Je suis tres inquiete pour eux maitenant! Est-ce qu'il y a des ressources francaises pour les aider? Merci!

Anonymous said...

Pratiquement rien... Mais il est peut-être temps de s'y mettre. Merci de m'écrire sur:
pour prendre contact
(C'est un pseudo, bien sûr, pour ceux qui ont un peu de culture cinématographique!)

Anonymous said...

Ill try to sum it up. Most important things:

1. Superiors knew about Maciel´s children at least 15 years ago.
2. Sons of Maciel have proof that Maciel sexually abused other kids.
3. This lawyer represents 3 of Maciels sons, all three of the same mother, all of them mexican.
4. Maciel has another son named Kevin and had a daughter in France who died in a car accident in her way to pick Maciel at the airport.
5. The lawyer shows a letter Maciel wrote to one of his mexican sons. You can see how different the writing is comparing to the public letters of MM as a priest.
6. It was until 1997 Maciel revealed his true identity to one of his sons, later to all of them and wives.
7. Maciel appeared as Jaime Alberto Gonzalez to his sons and wife, said he was working on a multinational company and that he was very sick of many things, liver for example.

Sorry ill try to post more details, but is a looong interview. At least with this info I beleive Garza, Corcuera and Sada are counting their days...


Anonymous said...

8. Maciels sons knew about each other.
9. The lawyer sugests JPII knew about Maciels sons, but only because they called him father infront of the pope...
10.The lawyer and one of the kids spoke last saturday with the bishop of tepic, in charge of the visitation in Mexico. They have an appointment next september with his two brothers and their mom.

Shocking news. No doubt. Knowing this I cant imagine how much more sh.. is about to come out. Its better for the Legion to start cooperating and open up...

Anonymous said...

A summary is also being done on

Anonymous said...

This interview made me laugh b/c of how Bonilla talks about how all the children would get together and travel together. So maybe this blog's photoshop'd family pic isn't that far off base! Actually, you'd need to add a few more women. It seems all the lovers were onboard with all these families. This could be a good movie: Maciel's Lovers.

Anonymous said...

You're right- this will make one hell of a movie. Only problem is that no one will believe it.

The letter that MM wrote his kid (part 2) sounds just like him. Then again- it's a simplistic style and easily copied. That's the only way to explain all the letters he wrote us. Someone else wrote them. No doubt.

I had to listen to this- once they started showing the images it got too sad. I did think of these guys as brothers and MM a spiritual father. Seeing them again was too much to handle.

Fuck you, spiritual father Jaime Alberto Gonzalez or Marcial Maciel or "Legion because we are many" or whatever your name is. Rot in hell for what you did.

-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

I'd be embarrassed to admit I'd ever been one of Maciel's lovers. I mean, he was so ugly---and that ridiculous-looking mustache!

Seriously, he must have either been a Tasmanian Devil in the bedroom, giving these women all sorts of untold pleasures (highly doubt it, most megalomaniacs only care about their own sexual pleasures) OR he must have been paying them some good money. I HOPE they made some good $$ off the deal, for their sakes.

I'd hate to get to the end of my life and realize I'd been screwed (literally) by an ugly weirdly-mustached pervert who was a lousy lay and didn't even give me a lavish lifestyle. LMAO!

You go, girls! I hope you nailed the Legion (and any complicit Vatican hierarchy) to the wall with hush money. I hope you took notes so you could blackmail them if they didn't give you ENOUGH hush money. I hope you write memoirs and sell the rights to Ron Howard.

What can I say........if you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em. You're in the big leagues now.

Anonymous said...

I never in my life thought I'd ever, ever, ever consider the sexual prowess of MM...I think I might be scarred for life.