Monday, August 10, 2009

2nd and 3rd paragraphs

They gave the baby, Norma Hilda Rivas, now 23 years old, the last name of some layperson without vows of chastity. Or maybe it was a last name that Maciel used in one of his multiple false identities which he employed to seduce rich women, from whom he wanted to squeeze out the very last penny. [Exlcblogger knows for certain that on one of his false passports, Maciel used "Rivas" as a last name] She does not carry his real last name, but there is something she cannot deny: his blood. She is the daughter of the sinner. And she is heir to the Legionaries' fortune that some would compare to that of Repsol YPF, a [Spanish] company with almost 20.5 billion Euros in liquid assets.

"She is having a very hard time," her mother complains. "At least I was the one who opened the door to you", she sighs, worried for the fragile state of her daughter's psyche. "All this has been very painful, you cannot imagine." Norma is devoted to protecting her intimacy and now more than ever since the Vatican has ordered an complete investigation into this and all the disasters-- sexual abuse, pedophilia, lovers, secrets, spying, economic scandals...-- which Marcial Maciel left in his wake.

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Anonymous said...

This is good news: the Vatican has ordered a complete and exhaustive investigation. For us Legionaries, this means that the Pope is really trying to save us from our own inept and incapable selves. There is light at the end of our black tunnel. Yip, yip, yahoo!