Thursday, August 6, 2009

Call for Action Against Facilitators

From a comment on by Anthony concerning a post by Fr. Karras on his blog:

Consider this second excerpt:

"I will take this a step further – and believe me, it has been a long, dark and painful journey to this point – and say: who among us, Legionaries of 20, 30, 40 years or more – being of sound mind and discerning conscience – would have endured even one minute of the teaching, preaching, discipline, spirituality, methodology, spiritual direction, ‘questions’, conferences or writings of Fr. Maciel had we known that at the very time he was hypnotizing us with his lies he was sexually abusing seminarians, fathering children, running around on the congregation’s dime, duping popes, cardinals, bishops and benefactors…

It was our ignorance that held the Legion together. The LC is founded, not on the supposed sanctity and inspiration and charism of its Founder, but on the gullible and impressionable idealism of his hapless followers."

I can tell Fr. Karras who would have endured Maciel's chicanery: precisely the people who have facilitated his wickedness, used him to obtain positions of power in the congregation, persecuted those who sought justice for the abused and attempted to maintain their authority in spite of all their wrongdoing. It was not simply the ignorance of gullible Legionaries that held the Legion together but the deception and duplicity of those who are currently in control of the Legion. These people need to be stripped of power and held accountable for their crimes. These people are not of advanced age or frail health. Canonical action should be taken against them.

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