Monday, August 17, 2009

The Scandal Sullies Many

From a comment on American Papist:

"I myself am so scandalized by the Legion (especially by it's callous and completely unchristian treatment of Maciel's accusers), and I am a believing Catholic. I can only imagine how much this scandalizes those who are nominal believers or those who don't think much of the church in the first place.

If it does turn out that JPII knew more about Maciel's sexual exploits (as evidenced by the mere existence of several children) than any of us would like to believe, what then? The scandal will mushroom like an atomic bomb. I can't even begin to imagine what that would do to the Church. I am very angry at Maciel and the Legion for creating such a scandal, and I am angry at the intrigue in the Vatican that allowed the situation to continue for 65 years. There were people in high places in the Church who knew this man was a pervert back when the first visitation (aka by Legion fans as "The Great Blessing") occurred in the 50's. The mere continuing existence of such a diabolical institution is a huge black mark on the face of our beautiful Mother Church."


Anonymous said...

I pray that when January 3, 2011, the 70th anniverary of the legion of christ rolls around, there will be no legionaries to celebrate it.

No flags, no "himno legionario" that ridiculous, ugly quiet/loud/fast slow song, no nothing.

Remember spiritual boquets and rosary intentions for MM?

"the third mystery. Let us pray for Nuestro Padre. That his wee wee continue to function in the face of adversity, that erectyle dysfunction never inhibit him from climax and that he may always be surrounded by wealthy benefactors, hard working americans and naive mexicans who can enable him to orgasm, procreate, masturbate, sedate, hallucinate, steal, lie, deceive, fly first class, eat $25 per lb. mozzerella and fulfill the mission with "efficacy" hasta morrir en la raya. Hail mary..."

-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this scandal, once it blows up like an atomic bomb, will have as a consequence the outlawing of the Catholic Church.

Governments may think that they have to protect their citizens from the church of the sex abusers.....

This incident may be the straw that will break the camels back - I want to p***!