Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Chum for EXCBLOG Readers


Was Norma an accomplice in the secret life of Marcial Maciel? "I didn't know who he was," she says painfully. It is possible that the deceit went on until Benedict XVI obliged Maciel to retire in 2006? Did mother and daughter know who he was when he presented them to Pope John Paul II? Norma Rivas always called him "daddy", even in front of the Supreme Pontiff...

To answer all of these questions, Benedict XVI has named an army of visitors with full powers, among them, the vice-president of the Episcopal Conference of Spain, Ricardo Blázquez. He is also the bishop of Bilbao and has been working intensely since July 15th. Time is short: Rome wants the first report from him by October. Blázquez has abandoned plans for his annual vacations in Villanueva del Campillo (Ávila). But it is not important. He lives for God, for his diocese and for the orders of the Pope.

In an eloquent proof of how he holds Rome in esteem, the Basque Prelate will be in charge of supervising, intervening in, and revising centers of the Legion in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Holland, Poland, Austria, and Hungary. In his agenda, there is time for an interview with the secret daughter of the founder of the Legion and her mother. "He is really gone on vacation, but for a month of this!" according to his assistant.


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Am I reading this right? That 3 of the 6 children of Maciel are suing for inheritance rights? This is going to get far uglier than we have ever imagined.