Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sound all too familiar?

From a CNN article on the Dugard kidnapping and abuse case:

Aside from the physical abuse of children, experts say perpetrators find ways to manipulate the minds of the children they are abusing.

"Sexual abuse doesn't happen in silence," said Karen Duncan, a clinical therapist. "Things are said to the child before, during and after. Offenders say things in a purposeful way -- to convince the child what they're doing is OK and acceptable. The children do not know the laws. They really don't know this is something that's not supposed to happen."


Anonymous said...

The Chilean bishop in charge of the AV in South America comments on his duties:

philconnors said...

Dear friends,
For those who do not understand spanish, but are able to read french, those links are the version of the TVN programm about Fr Maciel, with french subtitles.


Anonymous said...

I feel so stifled by my ability to speak only English. Ugh! How frustrating. Maybe this will be the year I actually go out and learn another language. (those three years of French I had in high school just won't cut it).

Anonymous said...

Anybody care to translate? I plugged the article into an online translator, and it sounds me like Msgr. Ezzo is saying that it is the Holy Father's will to fix the Legion so that it can continue doing so much good? And that it's a matter of figuring out how to allow the true charism to flow through the Legion?

Not that I am surprised. But that does indicate that the idea of a suppression/re-founding is unlikely. If you go into a visitation with the presupposition that it's just going to take some tweaking to fix this mess---let's figure out what needs to be tweaked---it's unlikely that the powers that be would ever consider a serious take-down of the congregation. This article makes it sound like the Vatican has already decided the charism is real; now they just have to figure out how to allow that charism to shine through.

It doesn't surprise me. Does the Vatican REALLY want to go down the road of "We approved an order and stood by its charism as true. But now we don't think it is, after all. We made a massive mistake." I doubt the Church hierarchy wants to publicly admit to the that kind of fallibility. People might start to question the Church's authority and decision-making in other areas.

Much better to say the charism is true, even if the spirit of the founder has been wreaking evil on the Church for 65 years. Apparently the charism just hasn't been allowed to flow through the congregation yet, so we just need to figure out how to let the captive charism free.


Anonymous said...

WHICH 'charism'?

Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but I was hoping, at some point, someone could give a bit of history of the "inner circle" of the LC superiors. I have heard the names Garza, Sada, and Evarista (sp?) mentioned quite a lot. I am now an ex RC, but never really aquired all those details as to who is who among the Legion superiors.

Anonymous said...

Now Alvarito dabbles in Aesthetics in Quintana Roo -great endeavour for a lull period, since he loves the boat so much now that there's a certain storm, right?

Anonymous said...

A 14 years old boys, who lead the Apostolic School of Méry sur Marne (France) last year, told to his parents, when they inform the kid about the Visitation:
"You can be sure that, before the Visitors will arrive, they will clean up everything during a couple of days. Everything will be perfect. They won't see anything".

This is what will maybe happen. The brothers who are still inside, especially those who joined very young the Legion, are used, by years and years of conscience's brainstorming, to seduce the Church's authorities... And with beautifull white-teeth smiles, explain that they are so happy in it, that it is wonderful, etc.

Another sign of the cynism of father Maciel is the famous letter he wrote (himself?) about the steps of the deformation of one's personal conscience. In fact, he was a specialist in this matter! I remember one of my ex superior, in the noviciat, who told us once that this letter will maybe the one that would stay in Church history about Maciel's spirituality.

In fact, it will maybe.


Anonymous said...

"A 14 years old boys, who lead the Apostolic School"

Sorry for my poor english: I wanted to say : "who left"


Anonymous said...

El abogado José Bonilla publica en su blog, este día:

Tenemos el documento que el Padre Jesús Quirce, L.C., ordeno se le entregara a uno de mis representados que consiste en un fideicomiso que hizo Marcial Maciel para proteger a sus hijos, en el Cititrust (Bahamas) Limited, subsidiary of Citibank N.A. en Nassau, Bahamas, lugar que de acuerdo a la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE), mediante lista de fecha 14 de agosto de 2009, es un paraíso fiscal.

Anonymous said...

All the money that my family gave to the Legion...

I need to vomit.

Johnny said...

It seems very unlikely that the Vatican would suppress the Legion. I doubt that the Vatican or any dioceses would want to be stuck dealing with a bunch of institutions when they have more problems than they know what to do with already. The Church is in a very sorry state and not positioned well to deal with this in a proper way. Why not try to reform it a bit and let it manage itself until it dies its own death? The decision will be based on practical matters and not on philosophical issues unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Alvaro Corcuera is the general director. He acts as a president of the board. The spiritual leader. he was the rector of the legions university in rome.
Fr. Evaristo Sada is the secretary general. The one who operates the legion in practical terms. Like a CEO. He followed Maciel everywhere.
Fr. Luis Garza is the vicar. The one who represents the general director when he is not available. Tis one the one who pulled the strings in the business sector.
Fr. Devlin was MM body guard. A fat man disguised as a priest who answered Maciels phone and made calls for him.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, wasn't Ezzo considered to be the one pro-legion visitor from the start? So that noone could say "You guys set out to do a hit job!"

I get the feeling that Benedict will do whatever he wants in the end--The Visitation is required under church law, he can't act until it's completed..... BUT... he knows all those CDF documents by heart.

Even if they don't suppress outright (there are so many delusional folks on the inside, I could understand if he was afraid that supression could provoke schism...), the Legion is already dead.

I mean, the most likely non-supression option seems to be a moratorium on recruiting for an extended period of time and the appointment of outside superiors to clean it up. But, in the grand scheme of things, for all their talk of 'size' the Legion is a TINY order.... and even now, noone outside of RC takes it seriously--- Too much about its inner workings has come out recently.

Also, I noticed, at least in my parish, the Diocesan priests are taking steps to encourage the RCers to identify more closely with the parish --through homilies, increased oppurtunities for confession and SD, more ways to volunteer all that energy in the parish, more outreach to boys considering vocations....

Basically, if the Legion isn't allowed to recruit for a decade or so, it will be so tainted in everyone's mind it will either die completely or be changed into something unrecognizeable as "Maciel's" by the new superiors.

Take heart-- I know some of you guys suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of Maciel and his cronies---but you've let the world know about his evil, you've fought long and hard, and I'm confident you've saved the next generation of young boys from your fate... It doesn't fix anything for you guys, but it DOES make you heroes.... Thank you for letting the rest of the Church see how evil the legion is........