Friday, August 28, 2009

A Very Personal Note

A very personal note was sent to this blog by someone who got it from a priest who left the Legion a few years ago:

"These days, many people are asking me about news reports concerning the life and works of Marcial Maciel Degollado. I am really convinced that I am not the person to pass judgments, but analyzing my years in the Legion of Christ, and tying together the lose ends, I feel duped, embarrassed, and angry in front of so many lies. I think, without wishing to make false accusations, that this priest did not work alone, that there were Legionaries who knew what went on with Maciel and kept silent, maybe out of fear or maybe just to cover it all up. This is my doubt now. Remember how priests who left the Legion were condemned, and considered evil and God forsaken? Remember on top of that how we could not have any sincere friendships between us because they were always considered disordered; we couldn't even join with the same people twice in a row in recreation time. This was like an attack on fundamental human rights.... I always asked myself in prayer to Jesus Christ why I was not happy, and now I understand why I wasn't...."


Another exLegionary said...

"an attack on fundamental human rights"

More like an attack on human nature. Come join the Legion, where you too can attack yourself and become mentally retarded along with a bunch of other guys doing the same, in silence and isolation!

The Legion is the externalization of Maciel's self-loathing. I regret participating in it, though I will never regret the love with which I gave myself to it. But that came from Christ, not from the Legion.

Now I just count it my share in Christ's wearing Herod's white garment as a sign of his mental illness.

God bless and protect his holy Church, and grant the victims of this abuse freedom and happiness, and the strength to clean this temple of money changers up.

giselle said...

" ... though I will never regret the love with which I gave myself to it. But that came from Christ, not from the Legion."

No truer words have been placed here. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Christus vita vestra:
I gave those years to serve God, to imitate Christ, to venerate my Mother Mary.
In retrospect Maciel is not going to contaminate those years for me,
that time was between me and Christ.
To me it is proof of the pureness of that love that I left that bloodly organisation... He guided me out, without a baggage of bitterness.
Maciel is incidental, he tried to distort an approach by God to manifest His love into self glorification of Maciel
Beware the wrath of God..... and now we know where Maciel stands....

Anonymous said...

I don't regret the year and a half I gave as a coworker because I did that for Christ. What I do regret is falling into the "end justifies the means" way of thinking. Justifying lies to people to get them to join, as I was directed to do so.

I worry more than ever about those still involved, especially my brother.

I still pray for all of them. And I pray that the Pope will be quick in his response to the delegation's findings.