Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fr. Jorge Carrillo, L.C.: accused of sexual abuse of a 10 year old girl (so much for the theory that abusers are always gay)

An article was sent to this blog from The Clinic in Chile. Here is a pdf of the article in Spanish.

The following is an abbreviate explanation of the case and the article:

"It is a lengthy and detailed account of a current court case against Fr. Jorge Carillo [sic] L.C. in Chile.

Some interesting points are that the abuse and possible rape took place in the novitiate when the girl was ten and her older brother was a novice. She says her family asked the priest to give her spiritual guidance during their family visits. In these occasions he began touching her and on their third visit she ran away and he followed her and raped her in a forested area.

Six years later, in 2006, her teacher in Mano Amiga (L.C. school) said she noticed that [the girl] was down and seemed unhappy. She asked [the girl] what was wrong and the girl told her part of what had happened, that a LC priest had touched her. That evening the teacher consulted with the school psychologist who spoke to the girl the following day. The FOLLOWING day again, and according to protocol, the psychologist spoke to the school director, who then called in the parents and the child. The school then called the police.

Three months later they were told that a tribunal had deemed that the statute of limitations had passed and that it was too late to charge the priest. The Mano Amiga school paid for her to receive specialist psychiatric treatment. During this treatment the girl admitted the rape for the first time.

[...] it would seem that two court cases were presented against Carillo, one for abuse and the second for rape, and that they were closed with no convictions. Currently a third court case is underway, presented by the national service for minors. After the second case finished, Carillo was sent to Argentina.

At the moment the [court is] waiting on a psychological evaluation of Carillo [sic] and [...] a face to face between Carillo and the victim, due on 19th of August."


Anonymous said...

If I may point out a minor typo...
The last name of the LC in question is "Carrillo", and not "Carillo."

Exlcblogger said...

Please send corrections to

Anonymous said...

Please tell me the Legion has taken Fr Carrillo out of active ministry?

What are the chances the LC will acknowledge this victim?

giselle said...

From a correspondent:

"Someone was asking whether Fr Jorge Carrillo is still active.... He is. He is with Fr Luis Laurean assisting him in the women's Section of Buenos Aires, Argentina. IT'S DISGUSTING. He gave me many photographs of Mamá Maurita (like holy cards) with a 'relic' -a little cloth that belonged to one of her dresses- and a prayer for her intercession, and without asking him, he started to tell me he had been the rector at the Apostolic School in Ontaneda and 'he had taken SO much care of his little ones... as if they were his own'... (I later read Patricio Cerda's account of the abuse in Ontaneda, precisely when Fr Carrillo was the rector....check article in Regain)

Of course he is not in direct contact with minors [now] but you should have heard the nice young wealthy ladies tell me how much they liked him! And they DO have small kids, and they DO invite him to lunch, etc. So yes, he IS active and the Argentinian RC ladies believe 'he's a dear'.... "