Monday, August 24, 2009

The Excuses...I Mean, Explanations

Let's sum up:

Poor Maciel was the victim of various women who were able to steal his sperm during some of his many hospital stays while he was in a coma. How? Well this is a family website....
They subsequently impregnated themselves on various occasions and had lots and lots and lots of his babies.

Maciel had Multiple Personality Disorder. He was able to control the appearance of these various, and often nefarious, personalities such that the women in his life (lives) did not know he was a priest, and the Legionaries did not know he was a cad. He was quite functional in each personality, even being able to conduct business and get multiple passports. So I guess that would make it Multiple Passport Disorder.
Sounds more like Jekyll and Hyde.

He hit his head really hard and had to have surgery in the mid 1980s. That instantly resulted in making him perpetually horny. Really horny. Like the mother of all hornies. Well, I think we get it. So the real founder of the Legion is the pre horny Maciel.

He was simple so popular and wonderful that various young, and even under aged, women seduced the poor man, proving that he was only human, and not the second coming. (notice how I spelled coming. The family website thing again.)

Did I miss any???


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Lucrecia's explanation..........that we can't believe any of it because we didn't see it with our own eyes. And that we are being uncharitable if we say anything bad about good ole NP. I guess her explanation boils down to the persecution complex syndrome Maciel was so expert at.

Maciel himself had an excuse, too---that he had a urological problem that required little boys to masturbate him (sorry, I know this is a family website and all.....)to release his "retained semen". I can't even type that without laughing out loud. You probably shouldn't post a photo representing THAT excuse. I would imagine that would be his same excuse for having sex with all those consecrated women----it was a medical treatment, don't you know??

Anonymous said...

12 year old kids in the "apostolica" are totally locked down. They dont know about maciels news, not even he fathered a daughter. Will the visitation force the Legion to close the apostolic centers?? Its simply diabolic that the legion still wants to brainwash kids to join their lines.
Im from Mexico, ex-RC and desperate to reach my friends (legionary priests, brothers and consacrated men and women) to tell them about whats happening. Im sure they dont know the reality and im afraid to email or write them. What can i do???

Prayers to all,


Anonymous said...

I am french, and I have the same problem than the mexican.
All this story is so sad. Where is the end?

Anonymous said...

Tiene usted que cumplir un deber ético. Suerte.

Anonymous said...

We laugh and we cry on your marvellous blog site! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

MM was indeed sick, a victim. He siffered from terrible diseases and no one can judge him or condemn him. He as a great man, a living saint, who was just a victim of misunderstanding and illness.

As am I. My illness causes me to curse like a motherfucker. A urological problem requires me to have frequent, anonymous sex with attractive women. And my love for the Church is so great that I am required to steal millions of dollars while claming poverty.

It is a terrible disease I suffer- I wish it on no one. I must spend, curse and fuck my way to heaven.

So don't judge MM. or me.

Now fuckers- give me your money and your virginity because daddy needs a path to the saints.


-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

so many excuses and compassion for the founder, but if one of the rank-and-file messes out!

Anonymous said...

The worst thing in this issue, is the fact that MM was cynical. Until the end.
When I was in Salamanca, between 2001 and 2002 for my "humanidades", I remember that I suffered a lot: we were reduced to be poor numbers in the crow, the life was very demanding: cold, humiliations and lack of sleep... I was already 24 years old, but I was very preoccupated by all the novices, very young, coming from latin America and who did not know anything but the Legion, since they joined an apostolic school at the age of 11. I was thinking in myself: poor young boys... do they have still some liberty?
In the middle of the year, MM came in Salamanca, to visit the center. He gave us some lectures. When he began the first one, he said he wanted to make us listen to something. A song began. It was a mexican song with words that spoke about a sad clown 'payaso triste' and deal like:
"In a chest of vulgar hypocrisy, before the people I hide my defeat. A clown with a joyful face, but I have inside of me a broken soul (...) Clown, I am a sad clown, who hide my failure with laughter and joy, that fill me of horror"
After the song, he began to speak about those poor and wretched brothers, unable to be consistent with their vocation, who were lying to themselves and had a double life... during a while he spoke getting more and more upset. He spoke about the ultimate consequences of our lake of self-donation. He spoke about damnation. We could not critize, of course. He was the saint, and we were not. Coming from anyone else, I would have react very strongly, but he was the saint! I was feeling guilty. This conference frightened me lot... because, all of us have some sins we don't succeed to get rid of.. but this the goal of le life to purificate that.
On the next conference, he read publicly a personal message from a brother who was doubting about his vocation. After breathing with contempt, he became upset very quickly and sent some curses upon the wrecked brother, unconsistent... who was not fulfilling the will of God! I still remember this moment with horror. Poor brother! I remember that MM said, being very angry, at a certain point:"But, go out! As I always said: the doors of the Legion are always open". Who could do it? After this curse. After the terrible words of "Nuestro Padre"?
Why God did inspire such thoughts to him? Certainly the Holy Spirit had told him those words to help us... but this vision of God frightened me. Since I left the Legion, I still feel pain to recover a true image of merciful God.
But it is well known: the sinner juge the others as he is.
MM was inspired by his own sins. I do not know if he had DID or not, but in all cases, I know he was cynical.
And this is somehow diabolical.


Anonymous said...


Yes, the idea of curses from the Great Deceiver is very creepy. Makes me want to cross myself with holy water just thinking about it.

I know for a fact some LC priests are still praying to MM and asking his intercession. I find this downright frightening. Although I know that we are to pray for and hope for the salvation of all, the idea of praying TO somebody who was clearly very evil on this earth scares the hell out of me. Would we pray to Jeffrey Dahmer and ask for his intercession? Hitler? Pol Pot? I do not want to invite any evil into my life by praying for intercession from perpetrators of great evil here on earth.

Jeannette said...

"The accusers had recovered memories", but I haven't heard that one in a while. I wonder what Dr Gladys Sweeney's opinion is now; has she changed her mind?

Anonymous said...

It's late, but another picture for the "multiple personality" claim...