Thursday, August 20, 2009

Evaristo's Mystique

This text is full of problems and red flags. It proves that the Legion cannot extricate itself from the malignant influence of Marcial Maciel.

Cassandra states:
...sexual predators create an environment for themselves in which to operate and this is what the Legion most authentically was. Those who approved the Legion and fostered it up to now lacked the awareness to understand this. We trust the visitators and those who will dispose of the Legion do not.

This is not even Christianity.

Read it for yourselves (from a comment on Life-After-RC:

"The Formation of An Apostle" - by Fr. Evaristo Sada, LC

Chapter one: The Engine of an Apostle.

"Do you know what mystique is?"

"The concept of mystique as we understand it in Regnum Christi does not appear in the dictionary. It has more to do with the definition of "spirit".

Key phrases from this chapter:

1) Mystique: "A passion of love for Christ and the mission."

2) Passion of love for the ideal: energy that comes from within, on the human and supernatural level. It is a heartfelt loyalty to convictions.

3) When a person comes into contact with RC members, he perceives this spirit, whose fundamental elements are:
A strong passion of love for Christ, the Church, and souls.
Family spirit, universal charity, speaking well of others.
Personal attention, love and sincere interest for people.
A sense of mission, fighting spirit in the apostolate, the confidence that you give to other people.
The sense of a vocation, a calling.

4) One component of mystique "Principles of Action" is described as "our own methodology, blessed by the Pope."

5) "What are the expressions of mystique?"
Passion and ardor for the ideal and the mission.
The plenitude with which a motivated apostle lives: it is something existential, a lifestyle, a demand of fidelity.
The communion characteristic of a group with an identity and some shared principles of action: mystique is not lived alone. It comes about in the union of a body around a shared ideal. A union of wills that put the whole above the parts. A monolithic union without fissures.

In sum, "Mystique is a fire that comes from the love of God. It is the soul of the apostle. It is the engine, the heart. Living and promoting it is the task of each and every one, but it is especially up to the formators to burn and ignite the hearts of each Regnum Christi member."

Danger - Mystique is NOT:
Fanaticism; one more hobby.
Collective brainwashing or euphoria.
Belonging to a sect.
Institutional pride.
External elements (campaigns, posters . . . )

Fr. Evaristo Sada blesses Maciel's body at the funeral.


Anonymous said...

Mystique of the movement is kind of like "Spirit of Vatican II.

The stress of this scandals in time will only reveal how dysfunctional the Legionaries. Their real colors will become more evident as the pressure cooker builds steam

Anonymous said...

Come on blog host- this photo should be up for the caption quiz. What a lost opportunity! Don't deny us our chance to have some fun.

Let me try a few captions:

-anyone smell sulfer?
-MM begins his journey to hell
-there ain't enough holy water to bless that coffin
-"Heavenly Father, thank you for finally killing this old fuck"
-and now we will all come forward and piss on the coffin
-keep your distance, Senoritas. Even tho he's dead, he's frisky

-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

"May the souls of the UNfaithful departed........."

"Where's the cryo-chamber??"

"I thought this was gonna happen in a special vault in Rome??!!"

"If there are any progeny of Maciel present, don't speak now and forever hold your peace!"

Another exLegionary said...

"Is that an Easter candle or are you just happy to see me?"

Another exLegionary said...

"Wow, that's some serious wood Maciel is sporting."