Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amazing article translated

They are ready to reveal the story of their father and claim their inheritance.

Three Children of Maciel Will Fight for his Estate

The suit will be filed just as the investigation of the Legion of Christ continues.

José Bonilla will be the lawyer handling the lawsuit.

The children of Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, have decided to present a series of civil demands to reclaim the estate of their father, who was heavily invested in the ecclesiastical congregation, the most powerful in the world.

Three of Maciel Degollado's six children have named the Mexican lawyer, José Bonilla as their legal advocate. Maciel built one of the principle Catholic emporiums over a time of more than a half century.

Norma Hilda Rivas, 23 years old, who is the first daughter who has been publicly revealed and lives in Madrid, is now in Mexico where she is being updated on the legal procedures to follow. Maciel's three children, who have decided to sue for his estate, are of Mexican origin, but live in other countries and have decided to go public with their stories.

Their identity will not be revealed in order to protect their physical integrity, according to the lawyer Bonilla.

He assured us that they are ready to reveal the details of their relationship with the man who became one of the greatest confidants of Pope John Paul II and he show how stories, "will tell the true image of the founder of the Legionaries which is very far from the image that they promote of him, even today."

The lawyer José Bonilla, told the MILENIO Newspaper that he has documents, letters and photos, which will be used to prove to the civil authorities that Maciel is really their father.

Despite the fact that Mexican law and Canon law prohibit clergy from possessing goods and that their children or direct family members can inherit, the founder of the Legion, who died in February of last year, had properties in his own name in which works of the Legionaries are established.

The news of the law suit brought by Maciel's (accused of pedophilia) children comes at a time when a pontifical visit of the principle centers of the Legion is being made, ordered by Benedict XVI, in which the ecclesiastical work of the Legion will be supervised.

The lawyer José Bonilla, is a known litigant to the Legionaries of Christ since he sued the Legion for the rape of one of his own children at the age of three in the Oxford School, by a Physical Education teacher.

In 2008, after two years of litigation, the civil judge, Maricela Cruz Sánchez found the Oxford School of Mexico City economically owing for the moral damage to a three year old child who was sexually abused by Francisco Mondragón Rebollo, who is still a fugitive from justice.

México/Eugenia Jiménez


Anonymous said...

Are there any damages I can receive if I was in for 11 years and was duped?

gregorbo said...

Hate to break it to you, but you've received many damages already. How many more do you want? (kidding--and don't think I don't take seriously the pain you've been put through or the pain you continue to suffer--hang in there).

Anonymous said...

I want my 10 years back, Legion of Christ. I want my life from the age of 20 to 30 back to relive the way it should have been lived. I want the job I would have obtained by now had I never entered the Legion of Christ. It's been nearly 15 years and I have no job and no career. Thank you, Maciel, for starting it all and for teaching others how to keep well intentioned young men captive for years on end in a false vocation.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything left to save in the Legion of Christ? Superiors knew about all of this garbage and hid it. There is no doubt. So, I don't care if you talk about vocation and spirituality, these men were duped by a madman and his organization, which was just a cover for a life of vice. No double life here; it is real cult. They should have the chance to even have the validity of their consent to ordination reviews. This is serious business.

Anonymous said...

my parish priest comes from the Legion.

I dislike him because of football reasons.

can I sue him and the LC ?

my attorney says I can... then I will.