Thursday, March 4, 2010

A disturbing pattern: "Lowlights" from the Interview

Son Raul had grave feelings of sexual confusion by the time he turned 17 and wanted to see a psychologist in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He told this to his father, Maciel. Maciel told Raul that seeing a psychologist could destroy his life. So Maciel said, "Don't worry, I will send you to a good psychiatrist in Madrid, Dr. Francisco Lopez Ibor, who I know." So Maciel sent Raul to live with his Auntie Norma (another of Maciel's wives who he presented to his Mexican children as "Auntie") in Madrid. Lopez Ibor told him "how good it is for you to come with a recommendation from father."

The doctor prescribed a powerful battery of medications to Raul, which he took for over a year. Back in Mexico, at home, he feel into a near catatonic state and his mother took him off the medications.

Five years later, without having asked for it, Dr. Lopez Ibor sent Raul a letter with a diagnosis of extreme obsessive disorder.

Any of this sound familiar to anyone out there?


Anonymous said...

This was an off the cuff interview with a rank and file LC- some moments of lucidity seem present:

It is disturbing: Father Patrick

This is "exceedingly disturbing" said Patrick O'Connell, a priest of the order of the Legionaries of Christ and head of the Men’s Section in Leon, referring to the sexual abuse of children that was committed by the order's founder, Marcial Maciel.

"I only heard the last 10 minutes of the interview (...) but it was enough to open my eyes, if I had any illusions that many of the things about Father Maciel are true or half true, I think what came out today is exceedingly disturbing [una “aberración impresionante”] and I think for us as Legionaries, we have the last nail in the coffin of this man”, he said.

O'Connell, who met Marcial Maciel in the seventies and was his cook while studying in Rome agreed with what was said in the interview of José Raúl González Lara, one of the sons of Maciel: that on the outside, people did not suspect the "other side" of this priest.

"He was always very kind to us, but this double life (...) we cannot deny what is surprising is the baseness, the disgusting manner in some way, of all his conduct with other young people, with women and in this case, his own children, " he said.

The priest acknowledged that the Legionaries have lost credibility as an institution, but noted that the witness will be the individual work of every priest of the order.

"Certainly I do believe that our credibility is badly damaged," he said.

He thought that the order would not disappear after the investigation by the Vatican, although it may have to change its name after all the loss of credibility it faces.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this sounds very familiar. Over the years, how many Legionaries did MM send to Psychiatrists around the globe so that this Monster could control his victims by means of powerful drugs and the threat of making their "mental illness" public?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aaron for all you do on this blog and on life after rc to bring out the truth. Enough. Chop off the head of the snake!