Friday, March 5, 2010

Loan me Cristian. From the interview

When her son Cristian was 6 years old in early 1999, she had already separated from Maciel, but he asked her if she could "loan" him Cristian for a couple of years when he turned 8 or so. She said yes, since this is what he had done with Omar, taking him to Europe and especially to Ireland for "preparation", to learn English and such for two years. (This seem to correspond to the first instance of the sexual abuse of Omar in Madrid by Maciel when he took him to Europe). After finding out about him abusing my other two sons later that year, Blanca refused.

This is how Cristian, now 17, escaped being raped by Maciel.

Aristegui: "this family is living a jigsaw puzzle of a life"

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