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It is disturbing [outrageous (ed.)]: Father Patrick

This is "exceedingly disturbing" said Patrick O'Connell, a priest of the order of the Legionaries of Christ and head of the Men’s Section in Leon, referring to the sexual abuse of children that was committed by the order's founder, Marcial Maciel.

"I only heard the last 10 minutes of the interview (...) but it was enough to open my eyes, if I had any illusions that many of the things about Father Maciel are true or half true, I think what came out today is exceedingly disturbing [una “aberración impresionante”] and I think for us as Legionaries, we have the last nail in the coffin of this man”, he said.

O'Connell, who met Marcial Maciel in the seventies and was his cook while studying in Rome agreed with what was said in the interview of José Raúl González Lara, one of the sons of Maciel: that on the outside, people did not suspect the "other side" of this priest.

"He was always very kind to us, but this double life (...) we cannot deny what is surprising is the baseness, the disgusting manner in some way, of all his conduct with other young people, with women and in this case, his own children, " he said.

The priest acknowledged that the Legionaries have lost credibility as an institution, but noted that the witness will be the individual work of every priest of the order.

"Certainly I do believe that our credibility is badly damaged," he said.

He thought that the order would not disappear after the investigation by the Vatican, although it may have to change its name after all the loss of credibility it faces.

(translation in comment by anonymous)

Es aberrante: padre Patrick


Como una “aberración impresionante” calificó Patrick O’Connell, sacerdote de la orden de los Legionarios de Cristo y director de la Sección de los Señores en León, los abusos sexuales que revelaron los hijos del fundador de la orden, Marcial Maciel.

“Sólo escuché los últimos 10 minutos de la entrevista (...) pero fue suficiente para desengañarme, si tuviera alguna ilusión de que muchas de las cosas sobre el padre Maciel fueran verdad o medio verdad, yo creo que lo que hoy salió es una aberración impresionante y creo que a nosotros como Legionarios es el último clavo del ataúd de este hombre”, señaló.

O’Connell, quien conoció a Marcial Maciel en los setentas y fue su cocinero cuando estudiaba en Roma, coincidió con lo que comentó en la entrevista José Raúl González Lara, uno de los hijos de Maciel: que al exterior, la gente no sospechaba de la “otra cara” del sacerdote.

“Siempre fue muy gentil con nosotros, pero esa doble vida no la podemos negar (...) lo que sorprende es lo bajo, lo asqueroso de alguna forma, toda su conducta con otros jóvenes, con mujeres y en este caso, con sus propios hijos”, señaló.

El padre reconoció que los Legionarios han perdido credibilidad como institución, pero señaló que quedará el testimonio del trabajo individual de cada sacerdote de la orden.

“Ciertamente yo sí creo que la credibilidad nuestra está muy dañada”, reconoció.

Consideró que la orden no desaparecerá luego de la investigación que realiza el Vaticano, aunque es posible que cambie de nombre por el desprestigio que padece.

“De alguna forma tenemos que admitir que hemos sido formados por un hombre enfermo, y esa enfermedad dentro de nuestros seminarios puede ser que nos ha afectado en cierta manera a todos”, dijo.


Eric said...

The Legion is such a joke. ZENIT, the Legion's attempt to control Catholic news, of course runs nothing on the sordid Maciel business. Here's what their crack staff of editors thought was more newsworthy:

[2010-03-04] Vatican: No Official OK for Genetically Modified Potato

Pete Vere said...

Actually... Given that Zenit is usually the first LC/RC-sponsored media to run LC/RC news releases, particularly when the LC/RC appears eager to get its spin out, I find it interesting that Zenit has NOT run this latest news release, despite the LC/RC reportedly sending it out to many other news sources.

Eric said...

Guess they don't have to anymore. CNA will do their dirty work for them. The Nat Cath Register is silent too.

Anonymous said...

Good old Fr. Patrick O'Connell. He was one of the first LC's I ever met and totally forgot about him. What a great Irishman I feel so sorry for as he works hard to bring souls to heaven he has this horrible cloud over him. Let's not forget to keep praying for those solid LC's that are very innocent!!

Anonymous said...

I had the good fortune of being one of his "subjects" in Leon, Gto, Mexico, where he could be mayor if he cared to run for office. I second your high regard and would even vote for him, at least once (I better explain: I am from Chicago.) He only gets better with time, like Irish whiskey. ER