Friday, March 5, 2010

A few quick notes re the "Legion Defense"

  • Raul testifies to the fact in the interview that Bishop Watty Urquidi told him the Alvaro Corcuera could not meet with him but that the Legion would send its General Procurator to the Vatican in his place. Carlos Skertchly does not hold that position, according to Raul.
  • Why would the family risk going public if their plan really had been one of extortion? Extortionists do not go public, their victims do.
  • This meeting with Sketchly only took place at Watty's insistence. The family had been trying for two years to speak to someone of importance in the Legion, and had first tried by approaching Jesus Quirce of the Anahuac.


Anonymous said...

The LC blows it again in the hide and seek presentation of facts... This presentation in the media they knew was coming, they also knew most of the claims in advance and showed only an interest in their own self-defense. Who cares what Raul’s intentions are, the whole world is focused on the entire family that has just publically testified to stomach-turning events. With barf bags still in their hands, this is what they get from the LCs?

1) From day one they should have set up an agreed upon 3rd party (respected Catholic lay and ecclesiastical leaders) to establish the veracity of all claims about MM for this particular family, in the sincere desire to know the truth of all with openness. A simple DNA test would have settled most issues. Above all to show for once they really do want to face the full truth of MM instead of being sneaky and playing dumb. (and spare me "the Vatican investigation is closed" argument.)
2) Additionally they should have also setup the same or another group of 3rd party arbiters to determine what if any compensation is due the family in justice and charity, or any other victim for that matter. LCs are just nonsensical to pretend mediating the situation directly will help when their own credibility is in the toilet. So they play games which the whole world will now interpret as showing their lack of sincerity, and desire to just save themselves.
LCs all I can say is STUPID STUPID STUPID. When will you learn.

gto said...

So , the Vistor asks them to find common ground with the victim. Result: they send the victim a letter accusing him of extortion.

If the Visitor arranged the meeting, how can they even begin to pretend that there was any silence to sell?

The Visitor knows exactly what the victims told him before they sat down with the Legion. Therefore he can judge the plausibility of the charge that what the Visitor was told freely would be sold to the Legion.

They's getting stupider and stupider. The Visitor must be livid. Some folks are beyond helping.

Aaron said...

It is telling that by accusing Raul of extortion the Legion is somehow acknowledging Raul as a legitimate heir and as a victim of sexual abuse.

The Legion is smearing him by trying to say that he is ASKING FOR MONEY TO BE SILENT ABOUT THE TRUTH not that he is lying or deceiving them.

Weird logic on their part.

Plus the only evidence of extortion is presented by the legion itself - in a letter which simultaneously offers pastoral support to Raul and threatens legal proceedings!!!

Who are the true hijos de maciel?!