Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Highlights (graphic!)

Raul-- was raped by his father for the first time on a trip to Colombia when he was 8 years old. This began a long history of rape. Maciel used to make them take pictures of them masturbating him, so that Maciel could keep the photos. Maciel had an uncle who taught him how to do it all, he told Raul.

Omar-- Maciel told him to masturbate him and would feign sleep.The first time was on a trip to Madrid. Maciel made the kids sleep with him to warm up his leg. He often complained of pain in his leg.

Both men break down crying and Aristegui has to call for a commercial break.

Blanca: Really, I never knew. I never really knew who it was I was living with. I loved him... I was blind. The boys told me in 1999 that they had been molested by him. (she had "separated" from him by that time.


Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere that the son still has pictures of him masturbating Fr. Maciel? If that isn't the final nail in the coffin...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be the final nail in the coffin and proof enough for all who are in denial. I guess it will come out eventually if it exits, sadly (and grossly) it may be necessary for it to be post on the Internet to end this thing.

Anonymous said...

Though I believe Marcial was a scoundrel, do we know that this witness is reliable and really his son? It seems so perverse even after what's come out? I just want to be clear.

Anonymous said...

Well, we disbelieved Jose Barba, Juan Vaca, etc., We disbelieved the "more than 20 but less than 100" estimate of MM's abuse victims, we called Jason Berry and Gerald Renner "enemies of the church", we treated the 2006 Communique as Maciel's martyrdom, so yes! It would make perfect sense to conclude that this family is ALSO a bunch of LIARS!

(MM has set the world record for amassing the MOST enemies willing to LIE about him, ever!)