Monday, March 8, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

The past few days have provided us with more information than we may have cared to know concerning the life and times of one Marcial/Juan/Raul Rivas/Gonzalez/Maciel Degollado. The polygamist, incestuous, child raping, religious congregation founding flim-flam man continues to leave a stream of sludge and human misery in his wake.

Recent revelations of his "family life" from his victims in Mexico have sent a tsunami throughout that country, with after-effects felt around the entire world. The tale is simply awful, filled with disgusting details of this creepy man's modus operandi of manipulation -- right down to using medical excuses and physical pain to get his rocks off, i.e., to have children masturbate him.

While on camera his children flashed letters and cards sent to them by papa under his aliases; any former member of Maciel's "Movement" who watched felt their hearts skip a beat upon seeing the easily recognizable penmanship and characteristically poor spelling.

Even the most casual observer breathed out relief as the mother of the monster's children explained how her now 17 year old son escaped being raped by his father, Our Father.

Son Raul admitted to asking a hefty sum from the Legion in exchange for silence. Carlos Skertchly, posing as the Procurator General of the Legion of Christ, roundly refused, saying, "we don't do that." Huh? They obviously have been doing just "that" for years to keep Maciel's Spanish wife and daughter quiet living in luxury in Madrid, all the while using the donations from good Catholics (garnered by the hard work of Legionary "road teams" who search for funding for the "good works" of the congregation) for this nefarious purpose. Why deny "that" to Raul and his family?

Once again, the pivotal questions arise: the very questions which must be answered by the Visitation:

Who knew?
It is virtually impossible that Maciel was able to keep his secrets from all those involved in his cash cow operation, the Legion of Christ. This was his only source of income for his affairs and families. Who covered for him? Who knew of his sexual exploits and his insatiable lust for under-aged flesh? And, maybe most importantly, who knew in the Church hierarchy, when did they know and why did they wait so long to investigate and act?

What of Maciel's Legion?
Where did the lies and deception end? Does "Church approved" in whatever form, and how ever garnered, simply make it all good and worthy? Which Maciel was the real and true Maciel and how can we ever distinguish his various plots? Why do some insist that the Legion is somehow automatically exempt from his lies and somehow good in itself when its foundation has clearly been shown to be a sham?

How far do the effects of this mess reach?
Clearly, Maciel has been protected by high church officials for many years. Where they all duped? And even if we can assume that they were, did they fail in their duty to be absolutely sure when dismissing criticism of Maciel or the Legion and giving their unqualified support? Has there been a massive failure of proper discernment?

What role has money played in all of this?
Extravagant gifts, secret bank accounts, hush money... and suddenly the Legion would never pay to keep someone silent? How much money has gone to whom, inside and outside ecclesiastic walls?

Believe it when I say it, as chum continues to fill the waters, the sharks will come and there will be hell to pay.


Anonymous said...

MM was a living saint! Or that is what they told me... Perhaps this is all a big misunderstanding? I mean, MM couldn't have required people to live in strict observance of all the rules and poverty and he lived like a king. That just can't be, can it? Oh wait, it was all a big lie!

Anonymous said...

"They obviously have been doing just "that" for years to keep Maciel's Spanish wife and daughter quiet living in luxury in Madrid"

I remember reading this some where...but she did talk with a reporter to one paper last summer. Where is the link that shows that the LC have been paying her to keep her quiet?

Also - I always wondered if the only reason why the story really leaked last years was because she was going to go public - any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on the latest installment of the freaky life of MM and his LCs. No one could make this stuff up; it is too fantastic. I, for one, truly believe that people in the Vatican absolutely knew he was a strange reprobate and the LC leadership knew quite a bit about the strange truth of Nuestra Padre. Now they must be held accountable!!!

Anonymous said...

Lopez Dóriga in Radio Formula interviewed Jose Bonilla lawyer of the Maciel sons (He resigned today)

Today Jose Bonilla the lawyer from Spain representing the Maciel familiy resigned because he Is against asking for hush money (in order to keep silence) even thought he advised to ask money for the suffering inflicted. The highlight of the interview is that he thinks Maciel has 3 death certificates... one form Florida, another from Houston and one final from Cotija. He explains this was so in order to retrieve the money worldwide in Maciel different personalities. If this is true that is MORE bad news for Corcuera, Evaristo y Garza Medina (breaking the law)..

Anonymous said...

That should be easy to prove.

Anonymous said...

José Bonilla is a MEXICAN lawyer working in Mexico City. The news came out first in Spain (not that he's there). Bonilla was leading the legal team building the lawsuit, but gave up in view of the ill-adviced interview to Aristegui for which they were not consulted.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer passing up money....really?!?!?! That is what lawyers do, settle for money when the harm can't be undone in another way.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bonilla, whose son was abused at a LC school, was peparing a serious case. What he objects to is money in exchange for silence, as demanded by the LC to the three González bastards. He also objected to them appearing on TV with the youngest one, who's a minor.

Aaron said...

I thought his objections were to the interview, perhaps jeopardising the case, not so much the hush-money - effectively money was not asked for for silence- silence was offered if the inheritance and compensation was paid.

Re the Normas, the journalists appeared on their doorstep and not much was revealed in that interchange - I don't rememeber any details they gave about inheritance or LC contact - only a little bit about how they were feeling at that moment and about Norma Senior's contact with Maciel.

Silence was an LC requesite in the law-suit settlement against, and also with the Sellor's family regarding their Familia project.