Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ouch. Sandro Tells it Like it Is

Legionaries. The "Nomenklatura" That Must Disappear

Name by name, all the top leaders of the congregation. Their extremely close connection with the founder and with his scandal. The impossibility of any real renewal, as long as they remain in power

by Sandro Magister

Click here to read it and weep.


Anonymous said...

What a strange world, being in the middle of these two camps, LC and Holy See, who in tumultuous scandal rarely show their hand for better or ill. The Holy See has said so little with pundits claim to know all. On the other hand the LCs say too much, while in effect doing nothing- same-old, same-old.

I just do not know how to take Sandro's near certitude of a Vatican takeover- are they ready to act quickly and so stealthily? Sneaking up on the LCs who project they expect nothing so drastic?

Visitors seem to have left with all well, speaking so optimistically and confidently- as if all that is awaiting the Legion is merely a letter of recommendations, and a personal citation for bravery under fire for Fr. Alvaro.

Indeed a world of mirrors, just too shadowy for me to ever get my head around. I need to get some Advil....

Anonymous said...

It is the SOP for the Legion to make it look like all things are fine and the Pope loves the Legion. Do not worry. The truth is out there. Pray.