Friday, March 26, 2010


Thy Kingdom Come!
regarding the current circumstances of the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement
March 25, 2010Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

As we are gathered for the annual meeting of the territorial directors with our general director, we wish to write to our brothers in the Legion of Christ, to the consecrated and all the members of Regnum Christi, our families and friends who accompany us at this juncture in our history, and also to all those who have been affected, wounded, or scandalized by the reprehensible actions of our founder, Fr Marcial Maciel, LC.
It has taken us time to come to terms with these facts regarding his life. For many, especially the victims, this time has been too long and very painful.

We have not always been able, or found the way to reach out to everyone in the way we should have, and in fact wanted to. Hence the need we feel to make this communiqué.

1. Regarding some facts in the life of our founder, Fr Marcial Maciel, LC (1920-2008)
We had thought and hoped that the accusations brought against our founder were false and unfounded, since they conflicted with our experience of him personally and his work. However, on May 19, 2006, the Holy See’s Press Office issued a communiqué as the conclusion of a canonical investigation that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) had begun in 2004. At that time, the CDF reached sufficient moral certainty to impose serious canonical sanctions related to the accusations made against Fr Maciel, which included the sexual abuse of minor seminarians. Therefore, though it causes us consternation, we have to say that these acts did take place.

Indeed, “the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, […], mindful of Father Maciel’s advanced age and his delicate health, decided to forgo a canonical hearing and ask him to retire to a private life of penance and prayer, giving up any form of public ministry. The Holy Father approved these decisions” (Communiqué of the Press Office of the Holy See, May 19, 2006).

We later came to know that Fr Maciel had fathered a daughter in the context of a prolonged and stable relationship with a woman, and committed other grave acts. After that, two other people surfaced, blood brothers who say they are his children from his relationship with another woman.

We find reprehensible these and all the actions in the life of Fr Maciel that were contrary to his Christian, religious, and priestly duties. We declare that they are not what we strive to live in the Legion of Christ and in the Regnum Christi Movement.

2. The Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement in the face of these facts Once again, we express our sorrow and grief to each and every person damaged by our founder’s actions.

We share in the suffering this scandal has caused the Church, and it grieves and hurts us deeply.

We ask all those who accused him in the past to forgive us, those whom we did not believe or were incapable of giving a hearing to, since at the time we could not imagine that such behavior took place. If it turns out that anyone culpably cooperated in his misdeeds we will act according to the principles of Christian justice and charity, holding these people responsible for their actions.

We also ask our families, friends and benefactors to forgive us, and all other people of good will who have felt that their trust has been wounded.
In addition, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ we feel the need to expiate his sins and the scandal they caused, making reparation with a Christian spirit. We ask all the members of our religious family to intensify their prayer and sacrifice.

It is also our Christian and priestly duty to continue reaching out to those who have been affected in any way. Our greatest concern is for them, and we continue to offer them whatever spiritual and pastoral help they need, hoping thus to contribute to the necessary Christian reconciliation. At the same time, we know that only Christ is able to bring definitive healing and “make all things new” (cf. Rev. 21:5).

For his own mysterious reasons, God chose Fr Maciel as an instrument to found the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, and we thank God for the good he did. At the same time, we accept and regret that, given the gravity of his faults, we cannot take his person as a model of Christian or priestly life.

Christ condemns the sin but seeks to save the sinner. We take him as our model, convinced of the meaning and beauty of forgiveness, and we entrust our founder to God’s merciful love.

3. The apostolic visitation
We wish to express our gratitude to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, not only for renewing “his solidarity and prayers in these delicate moments” (cf. Letter of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, SDB, to Fr Alvaro Corcuera, March 10, 2009), but also for offering us the Apostolic Visitation as a means to help us “overcome the present difficulties” (ibid.). Thus we hope to take the necessary steps to reinforce our foundations, formation and daily life as Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi members.

We thank the five apostolic visitators, Bishop Guiseppe Versaldi, Archbishop Ricardo Blázquez, Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM Cap., Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati, SDB, and Bishop Ricardo Watty, MSSP, for all the work they have done with such dedication and fatherly concern.
We will embrace with filial obedience whatever indications and recommendations the Holy Father gives us as a result of the apostolic visitation, and we are committed to putting them into practice.

4. Looking toward the future
In the time since January 2005 when we held our last General Chapter and Fr Alvaro Corcuera, LC, was elected as our general director, we have striven to guide the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi in fidelity to all we have received from God and has been approved by the Church. Humbly and gratefully we acknowledge the blessings and fruits that the Lord has granted us up to now, and we accept our responsibility to deepen our understanding of our history, charism, and spirituality.
We face the future with hope, knowing that our one support is God. We trust totally in him and in his all-powerful love which, as St Paul says, “makes all things work for the good of those who love him” (Rom. 8:28). We know that as we follow this path we will be aided by the Holy Spirit and the Church’s motherly guidance.

Our purpose as individuals and as an institution is to love Christ, live his Gospel, and extend throughout the world his Kingdom of peace and love. We know that if we are to do this we must constantly renew ourselves as individuals and as a community, in fidelity to the tradition of consecrated life, the better to serve the Church and society. The past months have helped us to reflect on our identity and mission, and they have also moved us to review various aspects of our institutional life, humbly and in all simplicity.

We are resolved, among other things, to:- Continue seeking reconciliation and reaching out to those who have suffered,- Honor the truth about our history- Continue offering safety, especially for minors, in our institutions and activities, both in environments and in procedures- Grow in a spirit of unselfish service to the Church and people- Cooperate better with all the bishops and with other institutions in the Church.- Improve our communication- Continue our oversight to insure that our administrative controls and procedures are implemented on all levels, and to continue demanding proper accountability- Redouble our dedication to the mission of offering Christ’s Gospel to as many people as possible- And above all, seek holiness with renewed effort, guided by the Church.


We cannot end this communiqué without thanking the thousands of Legionaries, consecrated men and women and all Regnum Christi members who have given and continue to give their lives to God in the service of the Church and society with absolute generosity, and all those who work in our centers and works of apostolate. Thanks to you and your work, we can say that today Christ is more known and loved in the world. We also express our gratitude toward every person that has always been there to support us with their faith, prayers and suffering united to Christ’s.

Signed today, March 25, the solemnity of the Annunciation of Our Lord. Through the intercession of his Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, may the Lord grant us the grace to enter ever more deeply into the mystery of the Love of God made man, and to live and share it with renewed fervor.
Fr Álvaro Corcuera, LC, general director
Fr Luis Garza, LC, vicar general
Fr Francisco Mateos, LC, general counselor
Fr Michael Ryan, LC, general counselor
Fr Joseph Burtka, LC, general counselor
Fr Evaristo Sada, LC, general secretary
Fr José Cárdenas, LC, territorial director for Chile and Argentina
Fr José Manuel Otaolaurruchi, LC, territorial director for Venezuela and Colombia
Fr Manuel Aromir, LC, territorial director for Brazil
Fr Rodolfo Mayagoitia, LC, territorial director for Mexico and Central America
Fr Leonardo Nuñez, LC, territorial director for Monterrey
Fr Scott Reilly, LC, territorial director for Atlanta
Fr Julio Martí, LC, territorial director for New York
Fr Jesús María Delgado, LC, territorial director for Spain
Fr Jacobo Muñoz, LC, territorial director for France and Ireland
Fr Sylvester Heereman, territorial director for Germany and Central Europe

UPDATE: From Associated Press
VATICAN CITY – A conservative religious order favored by Pope John Paul II is apologizing to the victims of sexual abuse by its founder.
Leaders of the Legionaries of Christ said in a statement on its Web site Friday that at first they couldn't believe the accusations against the late Mexican prelate Marcial Maciel, including molestation of seminarians and that he had a long relationship with a woman and fathered a daughter with her.
The order is expressing pain and regret to all who were hurt by Marciel's actions.
Vatican investigators have completed their probe into the order, including inspections by five bishops. The Legionaries also thanked Pope Benedict XVI for his solidarity. Unrelated sex scandals in the United States and Germany are threatening to tarnish his papacy.


Anonymous said...

Why is the picture of that pedophile and adulterer still on their web site???????????????????

jonh303 said...

Hey anonymous, what do they have to say to satisfy you? They just said they want to recognize their history...can't change the facts. Everything that has been demanded on this blog, they have said at least in word that they will do. Now we just have to wait and see if it happens. In the meantime, chill out people....

The Monk said...

jonh303 - I applaud your comment!
"Damned if they do and damned if they don't."

Anonymous said...

Well, it didn't take long for the LC-collaborators to jump to the defense of this Evil Empire. The Legion has the greatest criminal mind in the world behind its every move -- rather like tha Bin Laden using American Airlines planes to strike on American soil. The Legion is making a preemtive strike, using the language of "piety," to continue building up their parallel Church and to destroy the True Church. I'm beginning to think that those who say the invisible hand of the Free Masons is behind the Legion. Maybe it's time to revisit the possibility that the Communist-Masons in Mexico might have found a home in Maciel's monstrous plan.

jonh303 said...

Thats a very interesting reaction, anonymous, to the COMMUNIQUÉ. Entirely new and related material you bring up... I really have to wonder how much you have 'brainwashed' yourself to twist anything into negativity.

Anonymous said...

Rejoice! The prolonged psychotic state of the LCs begins to crack. Slowly, the patient starts its walk to human normalcy. There is hope for the LCs this Lent of 2010. I add my poor self to this communique.


Let no one be deceived. This is going to take 10-20 years!

10 years of lies said...

Were it not for the letter from Alvaro, this would have actually sounded honest.

You guys used the wrong cliche, it's not "damned if you do, damned if you don't", it's "Too Little, Too Late". No admission can be taken seriously with disclaimers like "though it causes us consternation, we have to say that these acts did take place."

Johnny War said...

"ER", welcome back. You are not alone. There is a "Band of Brothers." We understand the challenge.

Dina said...

I agree with '10 years', Alvaros letter was too long and filled with too much emotional manipulation, it colors the communique which is more legalistic and well crafted. They tried to say all the right things but, the history of the group makes it difficult to take the promises at face value. Alvaro's letter is just awful, asking us to bear our suffing like Mary? Mary didn't give birth to a fraud. The only reason I can see that anyone would want to stay involved with this group is because they believe the lie that everyone outside the Movement is not truly Catholic and they are afraid to find their own way in the Church rather than have it spoon-fed by the Legion and it's appostolates.

Anonymous said...


jonh303 said...
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jonh303 said...

Dina, I have to say that last sentence you wrote could be one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard. Thats the only reason you can think of?
Better late than never. Everyone is so pessimistic here. How can you expect them (as a whole) to have done anything else? Even now there are complicit people amongst them but 'they' can't do anything without self destructing! Do you expect the in-complicit to just tell the complicit that you have to leave? NO, very imprudent, the Holy See will deal with that. But then you will complain later saying that 'they' didn't do anything. They are, its not not in the heated viciously surgical way you would like it.

Anonymous said...


The problem is that the words don't ring true when they come from those who were complicit in Maciel's crimes, whether by omission or comission. Look at the names of the signatories.

And yes, I would expect the complicit to be asked to leave. I'm pretty sure St. Paul is clear on that in the New Testament.

Anonymous said...


Keep kidding yourself!

jonh303 said...

Ok, so the words don't ring true. What would you have those who were ignorant of the deeds of Fr. Maciel/ or good people that do exist in the leadership do? Not release a statement at all? Thats the point...its lose lose for those who want to salvage the organization. No matter what the current good people do, because they have the ticks on their backs, they will be condemned for one thing or another. Give it a break and wait for the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

No, the point is that the whole thing rings hollow unless those that allowed his behavior to continue (and remained silent while his accusers were slandered and sued) are removed by the leadership.

If it is done by the Vatican it means they couldn't be counted on to do the right thing on their own. Period.

Sick (from American Papist)

The Monk said...

I knew Fr. Alvaro when he was a kid. Read all about it on my blog! Commercials aside, Fr. Alvaro breaks the mold of "robotic" emotionless Legionaries (I was one for 20+ years; although, for the most part, I enjoyed the reputation of not being robotic.) So I relate to Fr. Alvaro - and I welcome his wordy, emotional letter. Maybe it's a day late and a dollar short - but it is real. One would have to be extremely naive to think that the Vatican has not been pulling the strings on the content and timing of these messages. Anyone who thinks the LC and Fr. Alvaro are in "total control' of these events.... well, I have a bridge that I'd like to talk to you about.

Anonymous said...

I knew and worked with Fr. Alvaro as an adult. He is very capable, and prone to, puppy dog tears.
He knows how to use them.

Anonymous said...

Monk, if you are saying that the Legion and the Vatican are working together to soften the image of the Legionaries, then I may, in the near future, renounce my Catholicism thanks to your revelation. I cannot be a part of a Christian group where lies and manipulation are at the heart of commincation to it's people. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that as a child Alvaro didn't encourage the near deification of a fraud after "finding out" about his crimes, but as an adult Alvaro did. All you have to do is look at the timeline from when LC first announced it's investigation.


Reality Check said...

Anonymous@12:46 PM

You said "those that allowed his behavior to continue"

You have got to be kidding... No one "allowed" Maricel to do those things. HE WAS IN CONTROL OF THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION!!! If you were an LC you would know that. One did not speak out against Marciel. Period.

He choose to do evil and then went and died so that we could not hang him from a yardarm.

Your right in that the current leadership has fallen way short of acknowledging all this and making reparation. Maybe they will start improving, who knows. Maybe the Vatican will "help" them make reparation if they don't learn a little quicker.

The current leadership may be guilty of a lot of things, but it is not "allowing" Maricel to be a pervert. He gets full credit.

Cretos said...

I'm glad that the Legion is finally openly admitting Maciel's crimes without all the previous reservations.

I still find it rather amazing that they knew about this in 2006 and it took four full years to come clean. If you go back and look at the types of messaging they were giving since 2006, after they knew the truth (or at least about the abuse), then it is rather shocking and pathetic. I would like to see Fr. A apologize for misleading people after he already knew enough to be sickened. That is different from saying that he's sorry for Maciel's actions and for not giving people a true hearing. He knew that Maciel was guilty and he refused to be decent and heroic enough to take a stand.

And this, then, I believe, is the real reason that many do not find the current letter to be very sincere.

Reality Check said...


Well said.

Even if they did not "know" for sure in 2006 (or decided to keep quiet until more facts were in - I for one think they believed that the CDF was wrong and that the Pope made a judgement on misinformation), they certainly should have said something shortly after his death in Jan 2008.

Your absolutely right in saying that there is one apology missing - their own misinformation and lack of forthrightness in coming clean. Even if they were sincere at the time, you have to apologize for you "sincere" errors.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, when I am sorry for my sins, I have a conversation with God in which I express my sorrow in words with sincere regret for what I've done. The conversation is real. The sorrow is real. The shame is real. Both of these letters are intellectual and contrived. There is no real apology for anything. It's simply placating to the masses.

Anonymous said...

'Intellectual' is a bad choice of an adjective to call these letters. If anything, they show exactly the poor intellectual, theological and spiritual level of this pathetic group. Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Reality Check,

They "allowed" his behavior to continue just as surely as I would be allowing it if the priests that I work for behaved this way and I said nothing.

The fact that they continued to defraud all of us in RC of money, time and our very xouls despite knowing the truth about MM is a larger tragedy to me.

It quite literally broke my heart.


Reality Check said...


You would be right if MM was continuing to molest boy and father babies after 2006. But he was put out to pasture with a guard.

You are correct in saying that what the leadership allowed to continue is the lie and the fraud that nothing happened. And it does break our hearts.

I gues that is one difference with the bishops in the US, Ireland and now in Germany. They simply moved the scum around allowing them to continue.

The LC leadership did not allow more molestations (not because of their virtue but because MM was 85 and could bearly walk), but as you correctly state, they continued to defraud.

Dina said...

Dina, I have to say that last sentence you wrote could be one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard. Thats the only reason you can think of?
Better late than never. Everyone is so pessimistic here. How can you expect them (as a whole) to have done anything else? Even now there are complicit people amongst them but 'they' can't do anything without self destructing! Do you expect the in-complicit to just tell the complicit that you have to leave? NO, very imprudent, the Holy See will deal with that. But then you will complain later saying that 'they' didn't do anything. They are, its not not in the heated viciously surgical way you would like it.

I read your reply 3 times and it still doesn't make any sense. You really should proofread your statements before you send them. Did you even read what I wrote?
Yes, I do believe the only reason anyone would want to cling to the cancer of the Legion is because they have been so mal-formed as to believe there is no salvation outside the Movement. I know people like that. They have long told me that the Legion is the salvation of the Church and if I don't understand that, I am just not Catholic enough.
Next time you post, might I suggest a more careful use of punctuation and sentences that have both a subject and a clear predicate. Your post is more like verbal vomit.

Anon out of RC said...

john303 said
"Thats the point...its lose lose for those who want to salvage the organization"

This is not about salvaging the organization - that is the problem. This is about being honest, telling the truth, praying, fasting, making reparation for sins, apologizing specifically and directly to victims. That is Catholicism. Than and only than will the Holy Spirit decide if the organization can be salvaged.

The LC thinks that their human actions of spin, manipulation, control can "salvage" the organization. The only thing they should be worried about is being honest with those souls in their care so that each person before God can choose freely how to serve the Lord and our Church (and it does not have to be in the Legion/Regnum Christi!)

Anonymous said...

My son was still being forced to read the works of this child molester for 4 years after Alvaro has admitted to starting to realize Maciel was a fraud.

None of the local priests have had the stones to apologize for their part in only forcing the boys in the apostolic schools to read Maciel or the Bible for spiritual growth (in that order, I might add). For FOUR years after their leaders have acknowledged they knew there was enough proof that Maciel was a child molester.

If I had unknowingly shoved the words of a molester in lieu of spiritual growth down children's throats for years, I would grovel at the feet of those children and their parents once I realized what I had done. When I point this out to LC priests, all I get is a blank stare back, and some talking points regurgitated.

That was all I needed to realize just how deep the malformation is. This communique is just more of the same old, same old. Somebody obviously realized their strategy wasn't working and that they needed to change tactics. This communique is the result.

Perhaps they are seeing the writing on the wall with Benedict's feet being held to the fire on the child abuse issue in the Church. The Legion might be starting to realize they could take a hit because if B16 doesn't take a strong stand now, the media will really have a heyday with a Pope that supports a group of priests founded by a fraudulent pedophile who enjoyed the high praises of the Vatican for 60 some years.

Anonymous said...

It is an improvement. It is still not well done. There is enough hedging language in here to make me very angry. Waaaaaay too many words giving excuses or whining that lead up to and follow the words of apology. This is a Tiptoe Through the Tulips in my opinion.

What is missing from my point of view, is a clear and distinct apology to those who suffered abuse at the hands of Maciel and of his staff, and most especially to those who came forward with this truth and were vilified for it – from the Legion itself for their actions. The apology needs to be for the actions of Maciel and his staff, and ALSO specifically for the actions of the Legion of Chris and Regnum Christi Movement in resisting the truth, in suppressing the truth, in defaming the truth tellers, in misinforming anyone that they were able to misinform, in failing to acknowledge, assist or aid the victims of abuse, and for lying often and repeatedly about these matters.

Anonymous said...

I remember that video that Irish dude who lived in Rome made- In the Heart of the Pope- it had all the times JPII recognized the LC and RC at audiences. And there was the praise he gave in Paul VI Hall about MM being a model for youth. Then the slow motion dramatic music as MM walks to embrace the Pope. So touching.

I wonder... when that happened, the dozens of times that happened, what Corcuera and Garza and Sada were thinking. I wonder every time a young novice received a carta de nuestro padre with such joy and pride, what those three were thinking.

They knew of the fraud. They knew of the lies. They knew of the coverup. And if, like Steven Fichter, you tried to point it out, you were dismissed from the Legion and your character attacked.

So to those who defend this letter, who defend Alvaro and Luis and Evaristo- who say the LC is trying to deal with it's history and move on, etc- I remind you that the evil of MM didn't die with him. It lives on in these men who watched, knew and kept quiet.

To take on my regular tone: fuck them all. Fuck them all and may they suffer for the evil they allowed. May they have restless nights and days of pain. May their drink turn to sand and their food to dust. May they experience suffering and anguish for they deserve nothing less.

Just knowing that Alvaro and his cronies write a letter like this and expect us to be placated is insulting and foolish. We fell for your crap for too long and now we know you for the scum, the devil spawn that you are.

General Director- when you hear them sing the anthem every morning I hope you hear the cries of justice and the screams of the victims of rape, incest, lies, abuse, malignment, perjury.

You bastards have blood on your hands and I hope you suffer for it.

-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

Until I hear the LC priests in the Atlanta section apologize for the way THEY treated faithful Catholics who objected to the twisted MO. THEY need to apologize to them for using the method "make their life hell so they leave." As we all know, it was not ONLY MM that abused people "for the sake of the movement" and until that is truly acknowledged its all smoke & mirrors.

Anonymous said...

It is not only MM who abused souls, but the Legionary fundraisers and pig filth theologist experts of the legion and RC who spiritually raped honest Catholics for following Christ and his teachings. I second the "Fuck You!"

jonh303 said...

Hey anonymous 10:58pm, you sound like a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone point out where the word "sorry" is used in this statement?

I can't find it. Only the Legion could apologise without saying sorry...

Anonymous said...

Christians admit their mistakes.

Anonymous said...

The letter is not sufficient, but it is a start. Do any of you really expect moral quadriplegics to compete and win in a decathlon? Saying "I am wrong. I am sorry" is hard for the best of us. I am amazed they were able to say as much as they did, however imperfectly they did say it.

It is a first step. Second, the dismissal of all these failed superiors. Third, the appointment of a commissar, or of several to provisionally oversee the government of our stricken congregation. Fourth, the reading in the refectories of all the LC houses of Alejandro Espinosas's book, of Fernando Gonzalez's book, of the most salient documentation of what the founding really was like. I think this is essential so that the Legionaries can understand their spirituality as deriving from the needs of a pedophile to increase and maintain his harem, and the funds to keep it flourishing. They need to see their style of life as deriving from something alien to the Gospel. 5) Study of some elementary introduction to the brain washing techniques of sects, so that the LCs can realize the extent to which they have been manipulated as part of a program of group and individual control. 6) These revelations will be extremely painful: group counseling to share their grief and learn to cope without losing the possibility of trusting and loving others. This is perhaps the greatest damage that such betrayal causes in those betrayed. Individual psychotherapy may be warranted on a case by case basis. 7)Reparation to a scandalized world and Church. Here there are many things to say. How about changing the name? I never liked "Legion". It appears in the Gospel as the name of a horde of demons possessing an unfortunate soul. Why not "Penitents of St John Evangelist"? We could make the Evangelist of Charity our model, joining much due penance to our mission statement while maintaining the note of Charity, so abused by MM. Then there is need to invite the abused victims to some appropriate location or locations and apologize and repair. A feast for them? A picnic? Mass? Probably this should be repeated yearly, and with all ex LCs RCs invited. I understand money has become tight for the LCs this year... Nonetheless some sort of just reparations in this area should be attempted, calling on the mediation of an independent judge to match real LC possibilities with the real needs of the victims. And then there are other things that I let pass or have forgotten to mention.

Only after such steps have been implemented will the Church be able to consider the LC as an authentic human institution, and we LCs can be in a condition that allows us to discern whether the Holy Spirit still moves us in a common direction towards the cohesion that comes from a common inspiration of the Holy Spirit -- an authentic spirituality -- and not due to the coercion and group-control methods of a sect.

For me, it is obvious that the LC spirituality needs to be deconstructed and abolished. The actual activity and apostolates that the LC is doing need a critical appraisal. There is some good there and it is not necessary to destroy everything. The question is whether these can all be gathered up anew by one community living an authentic Christian spirituality, thriving and being sanctified by their common life under that spirituality.


Anonymous said...

er, what is the point of being a Legionary priest? I just don't get it. It's rotten to the core. Just get out now while you still have a mind left to discern with. You can decide whethere or not you want to be a priest on a sabatotical the good Cathic church will provide for you. End this madness today. Just change into your tan pants and white shirt and walk out the door over to the Cathedral, talk to a priest, and they will welcome you with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Why would we want moral quadriplegics in any position of spiritual authority over others?? To be cured of quadriplegia requires a miracle. The best that can be hoped for is that these crippled men with corrupt moral compasses can begin to recognize that they are crippled and probably will be for life, in some ways. Although there is definitely hope that they can learn to live with their disabilities (just like victims of all sorts of types of abuse), the disability will always be there.

Why would we want these men in any position of spiritual authority? It's apparent they have no self-recognition of their disabilities, or they would have quit recruiting children immediately.

I pray for these men and hope for God's blessings upon them so that they can recognize the corruption they have been twisted by. But I would never trust any of them with the formation of my children, even if they have gone through a period of deprogramming. There's too much risk that the deformation is so deep that it will still rear its ugly head on occasion, even if they have the best of intentions.

It's a step that is only positive if it comes from a true desire to to begin to recognize the corruption and deformation of each and every one of them. It's apparent there is no recognition because the theme (which is ever the theme of the Legion) is MUST MOVE ON, PEOPLE! Must keep doing the Work of the Great Movement Maciel bequeathed to us!

I AM very glad for the admission of Maciel's anal and oral raping of children. Because I know for at least some (if not many), this will be the final straw. Those who were hanging onto the thin thread of hope that his "only" sins were those of weakness toward women and fornicating, now have heard otherwise from the very mouth of the Legion.

Juxtaposing that new knowledge with the continued expressions of gratitude to Our Father, Sodomizer of Children, for all the great good he has done for them just might be enough to put some of these faithful followers right over the edge. I would suspect some of them will finally begin to speak with their feet.

Anonymous said...

Dear sirs: your unilateral judgments remind me of MM's. Has he contaminated you too? ER

Anonymous said...

These dear sirs have managed, thanks to their blogging and their expressions of disgust, to move the mainstream media and provoke what should have happened years ago. Do not disparage them, saintly ER.

Anonymous said...

Well having read yor comments for some, many of which I appreciated, I still find you as a drifter lost at sea, unable to find north or a motor for that matter.
You acknowledge all but you do not make the personal judgment you must to act, and you disparage those who do- that is who draw out the faith-perspective on the consequences. That's OK though for a time- you have a right to that given the number of year you have invested in the LC and its pull on your memory and heart for the graces that time (not necessarily a charism) occasioned. We should respect that, but we will also challenge it to.
I think it is helpful to read all those blogs of common sense housewives like Mommywrites,etc.. to see how the principles of faith by which the faithful can judge these things are just as accessible to you, just that you have more to let go of.
I humbly suggest in non-expert fashion, to be decisive applying the full principles of faith and separate from what does not and cannot ever belong to God. He does not build on deceit, he does not show you a path to holiness through perverts, he does not choose reform when there was never any original mold to reform to. He cannot found a new work without a cadre of wise and holy leaders- the LC bench is not very deep on that one. So go for it! Find a good mentoring diocesan priest, look at some new spiritual models for your priesthood, build a proactive support stucture around you and thrive!!

Anonymous said...

The best scriptural analogy to the LC/RC condition is NOT the discipleship of Mary. It is the discipleship of Judas. It was Judas who was chosen by Jesus to be an apostle, but it was also Jesus who said it was best if Judas had never been born. Judas's betrayal may have initiated the Passion, but his life bore no fruit. MM is a Judas who has betrayed Christ. There is no fruit to harvest here, no charism, no writing straight with crooked lines. There is only the perpetual selling out. The thirty pieces of silver ring loudly with the sound of greed every time a Legion of Christ "solicitation" enters my home. Just as Judas thought he could tell Jesus how to best use the donations of his followers to do good, so did MM. Like Judas, it was for personal gain: to entice the Vatican's favor, to hide his concubines, to sodomize his and others children, and to place a legal millstone around the necks of his victims who called him out. If Judas had lived and founded communities of followers, they might have looked like the LC/RC. The leadership of the LC/RC are the disciples of a Judas. Yes, the teachings of Jesus are there, but the LC/RC Kingdom is irreparably "smoke-damaged" by the fires of burning filth. Even the Temple priests would not accept the return of the thirty pieces of silver given to Judas. It was blood money and thus would have defiled the Temple. So too for all the LC/RC wealth. Use it to buy a potter's field to put to rest the Legion.

Anonymous said...

ER, maybe you are too far gone. Are you a man? Well, take the bull by the horns and take back your life. The life God gave you and that you are now destroying. You have the information. The next decision you make now is no longer Maciel's influence - but your own. God is talking to you. Are you listening?

Johnny War said...

ER, you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

ER is a Monk and not the real ER. Monk, go home. Spend some time with your wife and get off the blogs. It's obvious who you are. GET A FLIPPIN LIFE ALREADY!