Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Opinions: May Contain Gnats

Maciel's Counterfeit

"You impose on people burdens hard to carry, but you yourselves do not lift one finger to touch them". (Luke 11:46)

The more the Legion binds its members the more they imagine that the Church is a command and control center in the image of the Legion.

"Rome hasn't TOLD us, so business as usual". "I'm waiting for Rome". "I'm not leaving, because I am obedient". "Whatever Rome want us to change we'll change it"

Or as one good soul misled by the Legion wrote:
"I would gladly leave RC and the Legion in disgust (because I don't want to be associated with sin and scandal anymore than anyone else) if God gave me leave to do so, but He has not. Just like He never gave me leave to abandon my husband or my children."
What could be more destructive than re-imaging the Church in the image of the Legion?

1) The Legion binds where the Church doesn't.

2) The Legion hides from its members the freedom that is fundamental to the life of the Church.

3) The Legion's obedience is like a blank check to a fictitious entity. Rome does not proscribe like the Legion does, so Maciel knew his imaginary check would never be cashed.

4) Maciel's survivors imagine they are bound to implement what never existed.

5) Those outside the Legion falsely conclude that this all proves that christian obedience is unhealthy.

This false notion of the Church Militant as a command and control center is the great scandal of the Legion.


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This post rocks! Thanks Nat. Your new blog has been so helpful - short and concise. We would all benefit from reading it and really praying and pondering on these short thoughts.

I think #1 - The Legion binds where the Church does not - is a great example of how Pope B did the 2006 communique. He gave Maciel a chance for prayer and penance and to come clean in freedom and love (who knows if he did in the end?) and he shared the Church's stance to move on "apart from the founder"(which the LC/RC failed to do)....and than he left it up to us to pray, ponder and ask questions to see where God was leading us. It is awesome to freely ask questions, pray and discern and make the free choice to leave RC instead of waiting for someone in the Church to tell you what you have to do.

And to the RC woman who has not been called by God to leave....I did not leave because of the ugly scandal and sin of Maciel, I left because I realized that by staying I would continue to enable the cover-up from the LC hierarchy and could not understand the lack of personal apology and restitution to the true victims of this scandal.

Nat said...

Thanks Anon 12:07 for the kind feedback and thanks Landon for re-posting that. (That elephant and my camel look great together)

That initial topic is the purpose of the blog. To compare the real and counterfeit from as many angles as possible in order to recover the perspective that Maciel stole.

I have no idea if I'll do my series of 'tracts' beyond Pentecost, but there is a new wave of folks exiting and about to exit and I hope I can point a few to places like this where they can discover they are not alone.

P.S, No good thought goes unpunished. My one week old blog started as a single comment (gto=nat) in response to one line on an a blog in its very first week of blogging about the Legion:

"THIS IS NOT CATHOLICISM. We don’t have 'secret teachings'"