Thursday, March 11, 2010


From an IPS article here.

“La patología de Maciel es la de la propia orden religiosa. Contaminó a la congregación. (Ésta) no sólo solapó su doble vida, sino que toleró su comportamiento desenfrenado. Le rindió culto, exaltando una imagen falsa de un ser que nunca existió y encubrió al monstruo abominable”, señaló a IPS el experto en temas religiosos, Bernardo Barranco.

"Maciel's pathology is the same as that of his own religious order. It infected the congregation. It (the Legion) not only hid his double life, but it also tolerated his unbridled behavior. It worshiped him, exalted a false image of a being which never existed and hid an abominable monster" the religion expert Bernardo Barranco told IPS"

Certainly, the myth of Maciel is what attracted so many young men and women to the Legion of Christ and the consecrated life in the Regnum Christi. But this is a Maciel who never existed at all, a figment, a charade. This is not what a vocation is built upon. The Legion can cry "Christ-centered" all they want, but that even came from Maciel. We were always told to follow Christ the way that Maciel followed Christ. How can you just undo all of that, especially when it was a cult-like mantra for years? [Landon C.]

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