Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More credibility loss from the defenders of the Pope

From Bill at Advent Hope:

But it’s [the Maciel Scandal] causing the Catholic Church to lose credibility, particularly in Mexico, the home of the Legion; Time suggests that the loss of moral authority is having both political impact and is helping to accelerate the movement of individual Mexicans from Catholicism to evangelicalism.


Anonymous said...

Chief Exorcist Says 'Devil at Work' Inside Vatican,2933,588762,00.html?test=latestnews

- It must be true since they let MM inside!

--- THE_Br._Dan

Anonymous said...

There are things too evil to be ascribed to mere human defect or wickedness. Perversion and blasphemy joined together are the mark of the demonic. Think of MM's "Holy mass", so devoutly prayed, just after having sodomized the altar boy and absolving him, as some of his accusers report. That is not mere everyday evil. So while Fr Amorth is obviously beyond the evidence in his words, there is the indirect evidence of blasphemous and perverse conduct. Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to blow with mighty, fiery wind through this sewer, and utterly cauterize this defilement. I mean that of the Legion. As for the Church, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, the existence of more Judases in her ranks should not shatter our Faith, but increase our marvel at the miracle of her ongoing existence in spite of these betrayals. What other human institution could have survived such scandal? I can ascribe it only to an ongoing miracle of the Holy Spirit more breathtaking than the resurrection of Lazarus. ER

Anonymous said...

ER - You are so right and it is a breath of fresh air to hear anyone associate with the LC finally call this what it is - "evil, perversion, blasphemy" not just "a flawed man". We must all remember that Maciel himself declared his innocence after the Pope's opportunity for him to a life of prayer and penance. He could have set it all straight with God and his congregation. The Pope gave him the opportunity - instead he chose to continue the lie of his life, declare his innocence and utter blasphemy - that he would be like Jesus carrying his cross. May the Lord have mercy on all of us for even believing that lie for one minute. Praise God for truth!

Anonymous said...

"Maciel himself declared his innocence"

- And he also compared himself like Jesus Christ, suffering for us! If anything, we now know he was deceiving us and if anything a false Christ...or perhaps just another of the anti-christs out there (note, I did not say THE Anti-Christ).

- THE_Br._Dan