Friday, March 12, 2010

From a comment on life-after-rc

Concerning Evaristo Sada's attempt to re-write LC/RC history and publish a new prayerbook still full of Maciel's writings:

On one hand, through the decades they've attributed all these letters to Nuestro Fraude, letters that were actually written by either one of his multiple personal secretaries (he had 4 or so at a time and changed them every so often), or by another legendary legion scribe, such as Arumi (the early letters), or Juan José Ferrán (Nuestro Fraude's external brain and Cliff Notes maker), or Evaristo himself. The quotes originally attributed to Nuestro Fraude, although not really his, in theory represented his thought and little by little conveyed and constructed the legion/regnum's so-called charism.

As we know, after the truth started coming out last year, Evaristo started revising and rewriting history, and thus were born Cristo al Centro, the new prayer manual, and so on. Now their dilemma is this: Do they confess to the fact that Nuestro Fraude didn't write a thing and thus they are free to use these writing since they come from "purer sources"? Or do they continue claiming that the writings DID come from Nuestro Fraude and therefore they must be discarded?

If they admit to the former, they are in essence saying that the charism didn't actually come from the so-called founder. In other words, there is no charism. But if they admit to the latter, they will be forced to get rid of it, and will ALSO find themselves with NO charism after all. Ever the crafty pupil, Evaristo seems to have chosen a third route: Keep the writings, just remove Nuestro Fraude's name when necessary.

Sorry, Fr. Evaristo. You can't have it both ways. Your house of cards is about to fall.


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