Sunday, June 22, 2008

WOW New Oxford Review!

See it here

Dale Vree
Fr. Maciel Is Disciplined by the Holy See: What Will the Legionaries Do Now?
September 2006

Renee Lockwood
The Legion of Christ & the Cult of Personality
September 2006

New Oxford Notes
'The Legionaries Aren't Rich'
May 2006

New Oxford Notes
A Machiavellian Misfire?
July/August 2005

Michael S. Rose
Why Orthodox Catholics Are Angry With the Legion of Christ
May 2005

Cecilia H. Martin
The Legion of Christ
May 2005

New Oxford Notes
It Pays to Be Friends With the Legionaries of Christ & Commonweal
March 2005

New Oxford Notes
Priestesses Would Be Unfeminist?
February 2002

New Oxford Notes
Multiple-Choice Question
February 2000

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