Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We priests of Baltimore...

Fr. Austin Murphy said...

Deacon Greg,

We priests of Baltimore have been very impressed with the straightforward attitude of Archbishop O'Brien since he arrived here last year. This episode with the Legionaries is yet another example of his say-what-you-mean approach. For about 10 years here, the LC's have been moving into (wealthy) areas of the diocese and operating what amount to parallel parishes within parishes. It is divisive, and, yes, it has not been transparent.
I applaud O'Brien's attempt to generate better communication and honesty among this religious order and the diocese which has hosted them for so long now. I would applaud even louder if the LC's would also move into some poor, inner-city areas as well...but that doesn't seem to fit their charism here so far.
Pray for us - pray for ecclesial unity -since the harvest is great and the laborers few, it doesn't help if the laborers don't work together!

June 15, 2008

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