Monday, June 2, 2008

It's a rich man's world...

While you read this, click on the video and listen.

Exlcblogger just got an URGENT letter from Fr. Anthony Bannon, LC (it was stamped URGENT on the envelope):

Dear Friend,
A finacial emergency has hit the Legion of Christ and I must send an urgent plea for help.

Must Exlcblogger keep typing?


Anonymous said...

These "financial emergencies" pop up regularly, like the boy who cried wolf. I pray a real one will put this dastardly cult out of business, permanently.

Anonymous said...

The having the continual clutter of appeals on my kitchen table does get a little old.

Jeannette said...

Do you suggest sending them back, marked "refused", or sending back $1 with a prayer request "For victims of cults"?