Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Imagine Exlcblogger's surprise...

when a letter from Fr. Anthony Bannon showed up at Exlcblogger's mailbox. Just a few days after the desperate plea, the orthodox Legion of Christ sends out its latest round of gambling: July 4th Sweepstakes. A bet, a wager, gambling. What would Mr. Bennett think?

Dear Friend,
Our Cheshire seminary is filled with young men of deep faith....
When you open your heart (and your bank account) to our seminarians, you also open it to Christ.

Wow, Exlcblogger never knew that.

There is a picture on the letter of ordinations to the Legion from 2007. Those have been seen before, of groups from years past where Exlcblogger can pick out the faces of many priests who have left the Legion. But that would be naughty.

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