Friday, June 20, 2008

Personal testimony re Spiritual Direction

"She lived it

One woman, formerly consecrated with Regnum Christi, has a moving post on the topic of spiritual direction for the very young.

I firmly believe that influencing children's minds, especially with a tool such as spiritual direction, can be a great abuse. I was always told Regnum Christi worked with the young so they could reach them before they were too entrenched in sin, so they could be better apostles. Now, I wonder if it was only a technique to place feelings of guilt and deber in young minds, unformed enough to resist or have their own opinions. Plus, if they came from strong Catholic families, it would only reinforce their previous education, and the combination would be irresistible.

That's the brilliance of the Methodology, as it preys on those with half-formed consciences. Their sense of sin has been awakened, and yet they are still immature in how free will works. Read it all."
This is from Giselle.

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