Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Member of the Regnum Christ Speaks to the Heart of the Legion of Christ

A strange title and an strange conversation. But just look at the title of the Blog: why bash the Jesuits with one hand and pat them on the back with the other?
Doesn't the Legion do that enough?

Read it here.

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Anonymous said...

I was in RC many years and brought many of my friends into the movement. I was very much identified with the movement because of my involvement with it. I know make a point of letting people know that I am no longer involved with the movement because of what I saw. It is amazing how people begin to open up to you about their own experiences and feelings once they know you are no longer involved. The stories come flooding out. I had no idea of number of diocesan priests that had issues with RC/LC while I was in the movement. I was always encouraged to recruit them to the movement since they were leaders. I wondered why they were so resistant to the invitations. I later was informed of problems they are hearing from lay people in spiritual direction. The diocesan priest are the ones that baptize, marry and bury us. They are the ones that people go to when they are having problems with RC/LC. They are the ones people trust because they have real relationships that are not conditional on ones participation with apostolic endeavors. The diocesan priest knows he is there for everyone for love of Christ and not just for those that will serve his cause of looking good before a superior.