Thursday, June 12, 2008

Greater Than You Think, not so great?

An interesting comment on Regina Abominormum [sic] University and the likes of one Fr. Thomas Williams, author extraord-in-the-air. Read it here

The Regina Apostolorum I am somewhat familiar with. It’s a University that teaches bio-ethics courses from I guess you could apologetically call a “pro-life perspective”. Epistemologically, the philosophy of the Regina Apostolorum is influenced by the extremely authoritarian and even cult-like Legion of Christ; a Catholic congregation wherein vows of obedience forbid the criticism of their superiors or their actions and mandates the reporting of members who do.

Is [Thomas Williams']book going to be any different to the not-so-great dross I’ve already read on the subject? Is this book not so great that it needs the attention of small-time bloggers like myself?

Apparently, we need to see a picture of this clerical stud to be enticed to buy not-so-great dross.


Anonymous said...

Become the Christian YOU want to be?
I thought we are called to be the Christian CHRIST wants us to be!
He must be aiming for the baby boomers or the spoiled rich. Oh yeah... I forgot.

Bruce said...

I don't know about hunk, but he appears pretty non-threatening, which I've heard is appealing to the young-female demographic these days (can't remember where though).

Anonymous said...

Check it out, more blah blah on the non-issue of Dawkins and his non-book.

Red herrings, anyone?