Friday, June 27, 2008

Remind you of anyone?

Hitler making fun of subordinates who couldn't say anything back? Hmm, where have I heard that scenario before...

The dictator would often break from the serious nature of waging his campaign to "pull the legs" of his entourage of generals and hangers on.

His favourite victim was the Luftwaffe chief Herman Goering, who was notoriously fond of awarding himself medals and decorations.

According to the book by the last surviving member of his bunker, Hitler recounted how Mrs Goering found her husband waving a baton over his underwear in the bedroom and asked him what he was doing.

"He replied: "I am promoting my underpants to OVERpants"", Hitler then joked.

Hitler was said to be so proud of his joke that he had medals made from gold and silver paper for Goering to wear on his pyjamas.

On another occasion he noticed his official photographer Heinrich Hoffman had drunk too much and told him: "Don't stand to near the fire Heini - you might burst into flames."

The Fuhrer's sense of humour, which included disturbing jokes about concentration camp victims, has been revealed in a book called The Last Witness, to be published in Britain later this year.

It is written by Rochus Misch, 90, the telephonist in the Berlin Bunker where Hitler spent his last days before killing himself in April 1945.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Maciel often made jokes about other legionaries, and no one else could ever dare do such a thing. So we would all laugh at his wonderful sense of humor. Unfortunately, his jokes were not always as innoscent as the examples in this article of Adolf's.