Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Brothers, you have a vocation until your superior tells you 'Brother, you do not have a vocation'"

Fr. Ownen Kears, summer 1984 to the candidates of the Legion of Christ.

Thanks for the quote, G.F.

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Anonymous said...

I dare Kearns to deny this. I heard him say this with my own ears.

Anonymous said...

So how many hairs on the top of a Legionary's head must remain for him to be required to continue the gelled comb over? Is there some kind of guidance for that? Maybe they need a norm!

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a norm for it.

My superior also told me the smae thing. He also told me that he and the other superior were now my father and mother and that I should forget about my family!

Anonymous said...

Miles Jesu is exactly the same as the Legion.