Sunday, June 15, 2008

From Matt Abbott at Renew America

Reactions to Matt's February Fr. Farfaglia piece:

From Fr. Paul Ward:
I, too, had been a member, thrown out of the Legion for reasons still not told to me, after fifteen years of faithful and fruitful religious life. How it happened was very bad, but that it happened was a great boon.

And from some guy named Joe:
'May you find a confessional, fast, Mr. Abbott, and beg God's mercy and forgiveness and for your penance may you say the Litany of Humility which we said today to celebrate our beloved Father Maciel's beautiful gift. A gift of his life, freely given, which our Lord sent forth to transform our culture and a gift which will animate the compassion and love for priestly and lay service for generations to come.'

Read it all here
Fr. Paul Ward's blog (and image source)

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