Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dreaming my dreams with you...

From Married to the Church
An Unfinished Story
This is my recurring dream: I have decided to leave the seminary--I want out. But in the dream, it's mid-September or October, another academic year has begun, and I 'm still in the seminary. In the dream, I don't know why I'm still there. I'm already married (or divorced and remarried--the dream varies in its currency), already teaching American literature at Indiana University, I have two children--but I'm still in the seminary. I have the anxious sense of another year slipping away. But just as I don't know why I'm still there, I also don't know how to escape. I wake up squirming.
I have been having this dream two or three times a year for the last twenty-seven years, eve since I did, in fact, leave in 1966, after eight years of high school and college at St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee and a year of theology at Catholic Univeristy in Washington....
When I finished [the story], seven classmates stood up and said that they had had, and continued to have, essentially the same dream.

Sound familiar?

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