Saturday, June 28, 2008

Silliness reciprocated

We created some imaginary groups? movies? novels? in parody of consecrated life. Of course, it goes a little over the top, but enjoy it ye who may.

Girls who got kicked out of Regnum Christi?

Exconsas who can't get rid of the nightmare: haunted by rc

I was married to God and now I'm divorced; he got custody

Not FLDS: I was RC/ we got to wear heels

I was RC and my skirts never fit

I was the '80s fashion queen in 2000

I was 3gf and now I'm lesbian

I was a lesbian 3gf, and now I am straight

I never REALLY thought my directress was a saint

When my directress hit on me, I hit back

(hmm no I ran for the hills)

God wants me to...oh it's getting fuzzy, very fuzzy, we're losing connection...

I used to take cold showers as a pc and now I am frigid

Universal charity is for universal wimps

I fulfilled obedience down to even the desires for massages of my superiors, I mean

I was faithful 'til I died on the battlefield

I did not desire any position except serving team

I did not desire any position except servicing the team

I did not desire any position, I let my superior chose it, usually doggy style

"I was humble so I was on the bottom"

My yellow letter was copied from someone else's

From the desire of flying on the concord, business class, or a double decker boeing with a hot tub, Free Me O Jesus!

Líbrame, Jesús

From Lotus Point

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seems a little
inappropriate....Supporters of the LC and RC will discredit EVERYTHING
that is on this site because of this kind of thing.

They will say...see these ex-members are just "attacking" us.