Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liar Liar

It has come to Exlcblogger's attention that certain Legionaries of Christ are saying that Fr. Alvaro Corcuera is going around apologizing personally to the victims of Maciel's sexual abuse. Exlcblogger has contacted several of the victims. They have been in communication with each other as well as with many of the other victims, and not a single one can report any contact with the Legion, let alone with Fr. Alvaro. So this reports gets a pants on fire rating.


Anonymous said...

It's such a tragedy that they don't want to face up to the truth. God is working on exposing them. Unfortunately, His timing is not our timing. God will prevail! JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!

Eric said...

Additionally, a week ago in Maryland Fr. Alvaro said that the only thing he could confirm was that Fr. Maciel was that he had a daughter - nothing about sexual abuse with seminarians. So, who are Legionaries saying that he's meeting with? Alleged victims? What is he going to say to them? "From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for what you experienced. If you experienced it. Which may or may not have happened. But, since I didn't see it, I don't think it really happened, since we Legionaries 'only believe the evil you see.' It all has to do with our exquisite charity, you understand."

Anonymous said...

Re: a previous post, but one that should not go by the way. Who WAS the monitor of the director general?
Surely someone knows that off the top of his head?!

Anonymous said...

You read between the
lines of those "talking points," the Legion is
showing offf that their founder is a "man with the biggest set of functioning cajones" alive in the Church- He is the man to imitate! Look, they still refer to him as Nuestro Padre.
The Legion puts out info that contradicts itself saying Maciel didn't have just one lover- it's quite possible he had numerous lovers. Then you hear Alvaro through the poster above say it's probable he had just one lover. You are not getting a straight line from anyone. It is intentionally meant to be this way, so have you hangin' on every word they say and don't you ever forget it. We are LC's we are goin do what ever the hell desire reguardless how much crap we shoved in your family's face.
Such a juvenile attitude is best shown on a YouTube video made by SNL'S Adam Samberg "I'm on a boat" feathering rapper T-pain (vulgar and explicit). Rap music is definitely not my cup of tea but when I saw the video; I immediately thought of the silly behavior being exhibited by the Legion.
Check it out!
F.Y.I I am not being paid to promote Pro LC propaganda nor do I have formal ties with YouTube.