Wednesday, February 25, 2009

These people are not thinking

From an email sent out by
Fr. Joseph Tham, LC, MD, PhD

Professor, School of Bioethics,
Regina Apostolorum Pontifical university

"Of course, the news was a bit of a shock when I learnt of it. It is so uncharacteristic of everything that he has been to us in his writings and exhortations. It caused confusion, doubts, anxieties, and even anger, as is natural. The fact that it could be a case of mental problem (possibly a case of multiple personality disorder, inherited or due to his brain injury) could explain it somewhat at first, but not totally. Only God who knows the interior of each person can be the just judge, and we will leave it in his hands whatever was in our founder’s life."

Well, Fr., we have to evaluate that interior life. Maciel shoved it in our faces for years. We have to understand it.

As for the absurdly stupid brain injury/multiple personality excuse: get serious. You call yourself a bio-ethics professor in an university? an MD? For shame!

Multiple personality disorder: was it diagnosed?

If inherited, did it come from his mother whose canonization the LC is pursuing?
How could so many close collaborators not be aware of it?
How do you distinguish a good and a bad personality in the disorder? just by what a person does in one or the other? or are all faulty per se since it is a disorder?

If a result of brain injury: was it diagnosed? How does it explain behavior before the injury? How could so many close collaborators not have been aware of it?

The above is too complicated an explanation. And if there was no diagnosis, then you, Fr., are grasping at straws. It is much easier to explain his behavior as that of a con man and a fraud.

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