Friday, February 13, 2009

You have to love this one: From FUMARE

Body of Christ Has Legionaries of Christ Disease, but some say it's just a sniffle

"There. Nobody else was saying it in the blog posts I've seen on the long overdue discussion of one of the larger problems in the Church in America, and it's name is Legion. As Thales' post of American Papist's observations of the Regnum Christi Mass he attended, they still put Maciel in the MASS. We're not talking about private devotion, but the Mass!

Surely they'd jest. But they don't. The image must still be conveyed and that image is that Maciel is boss, we are all perfect, and we must advance our mission by any means. Today those means are trying to mitigate their loss to one man and a flurry of PR designed to make most people think they are dealing with it, and that they can reform themselves (as if Legionnaires disease could cure itself)."

Read the whole article here.

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JASON said...

Just another expensive version of the new "Friday the 13th" movie premiering at a RC center near you.

Oh Maciel, come back to your flock so that you may restore Hell on earth! - Incantation from Maciel Chronicals.